Girl at the Rock Shows



Grin & Bear- ‘Be Gentle’

Happy Sunday everyone! It's another grey and gloomy day up here in Minneapolis. Honestly, it's kind of cozy so I'm looking for something cozy to help really set the mood in my house. Will Grin & Bear's 'Be Gentle' be... Continue Reading →

Crystal Canyon- ‘Yours With Affection and Sorrow’

Like every other Monday lately, today has been a day and I honestly just need something to kind of chill out to and lose myself in tonight. I don't know if Crystal Canyon's 'Yours With Affection and Sorrow' will be... Continue Reading →

Cactus Flowers- ‘Incantations’

Certain music just sounds better on vinyl. Sometimes I hear a track from a particular artist and can't help but say, "Dang, I wish I had this on vinyl." The second I heard a track from Cactus Flowers, I knew... Continue Reading →

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