Girl at the Rock Shows



I Want To Show You Some Truth

Something very odd and interesting happens in Minnesota when the temperatures start to drop and the snow starts to fall. People just get a bit nicer and rowdier. This whole phenomenon can be seen loud and clear when you find... Continue Reading →

Do You Really Want To Not Get Better?

The Cedar Cultural Center is a truly beautiful place. I don't mean the building (although it's not too shabby), I mean more the atmosphere and the vibe. Basically fully run by volunteers, you walk into The Cedar and instantly feel... Continue Reading →

I Want To Show You Some Truth

I walked into a show last July to see my boys in Rozwell Kid. I walked away with a new obsession that goes by the name of Vundabar. Their live show had me caught after their quick set on that... Continue Reading →

Eatin’ Tacos And Watching UHF On DVD

I have yet to unpack from my trip to Des Moines over the weekend for 80/35. There are dirty clothes all over the floor of my room and I'm pretty sure my cats have decided that that's their new litter... Continue Reading →

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