Girl at the Rock Shows



You’re Either Dying Or You’re Playing Either Way I’m In The Conversation

I have a love/hate relationship with all ages show. I love how all ages means I will be home fairly early in the night compared to most nights meaning I can at least attempt to get a normal amount of... Continue Reading →

I Want A Brain That Doesn’t Hate Me

There are a few songs that really soundtracked my plunge into self-employment and one of those is Waterparks' "Lowkey As Hell". It's a catchy little number with words that seemed to fit this shift for me just so perfectly. I... Continue Reading →

We’ll Get Up And Push Back

I walked into the Varsity Theater to find myself completely out of place. I was one of the oldest people there also making me one of the tallest. I felt terrible and tried to find a spot along the wall... Continue Reading →

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