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I Take Control Of My Holy Ghost

My photographer (from the other blog I write for) and I gave each other a glance. We really didn't need to say anything, the glance said it all-- Why the hell are we here? Neither of us knew anything about... Continue Reading →


Nothing’s Bigger Than Nothing

After the disaster that was my weekend at The Eaux Claires festival, I was ready for a show that I could enjoy in a place that feels like home. The fact that I was about to see true legends was... Continue Reading →

Eaux Claires 2018

It's not that I wasn't excited for this past weekend, more that I was in a bit of a tizzy having just found out I would be going 48 hours prior to packing up my car and making the drive... Continue Reading →

I’m In The Business Of Misery

With last minute approval for a festival out of town this weekend, my Thursday was full of stress and headache as I tried to play for the last minute trip. I knew that I needed a show to calm down.... Continue Reading →

I Just Wanna Feel This Moment

I don't think my coworkers were taking my excitement level seriously. I get it, I come off as this hardcore/ metal listening to punk but everyone has their guilty pleasures and mine was performing just about forty minutes away from... Continue Reading →

This Is Our Potential Breakup Song

Typically I am the friend that goes on the search for a night of nostalgia at a concert while dragging everyone else along for the ride. Last night was the opposite. I saw first hand the power of nostalgia and... Continue Reading →

This Isn’t What We Want. This Isn’t What We Need. This Is What We Can Afford!

Yesterday was one of those days that just can't be put into words. For the past 16 or 18 years (nobody is really quite sure), Dillinger Four has been putting on D4th of July here in Minneapolis. It's a day... Continue Reading →

Peace Sign, Middle Finger

I took a week off of shows. I had some family come in from California and then my dad and stepmom made the trek up to north country to visit my brother and I. It was an amazing week but... Continue Reading →

Something To Remember Me By

Downtown Minneapolis was an absolute zoo last night. My typically calm walk from the parking ramp to the venue last night was interrupted by the buzz from Minneapolis celebrating Pride. The energy was electric as I walked past drunk people... Continue Reading →

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