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I’m Losing When I Am Not Playing No Games

Thursday night was one of those shows where I knew nothing about the bands prior to stepping foot inside First Avenue. I love those kinds of nights. You have no expectations other than to witness some magic on stage. Some... Continue Reading →

What You Give Is What You Get

I know we are all sick of hearing it but we're all thinking it-- this whole dark as night at 5 PM thing is obnoxious and absolutely screwing with me. I found myself constantly checking my phone and watch to... Continue Reading →

It’s Hard To Let Go Of The Things That You Know

I was a little surprised by how empty The Fine Line was on Tuesday when I walked in for my show of choice. Maybe it was because it was a Tuesday, maybe it was because the headliner is a bit... Continue Reading →

I Want A Brain That Doesn’t Hate Me

There are a few songs that really soundtracked my plunge into self-employment and one of those is Waterparks' "Lowkey As Hell". It's a catchy little number with words that seemed to fit this shift for me just so perfectly. I... Continue Reading →

There’s A Story At The Bottom Of This Bottle

I was honestly super torn about going to the show on Saturday night. One on hand, the band is a band I've been listening to for over half of my life. On the other hand, there are some pretty serious... Continue Reading →

Well It Might Just Be What Saves Our Lives

I worked in a couple of record shops in Des Moines, Iowa as I was growing up. It was how I found most of the music I listened to and I honestly think that being my first job really set... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want To Want You Like I Want You

I probably did no less than a hundred double-takes to make sure I was going to the right venue on Wednesday night. I mean, don't get me wrong, I was stoked to be at the 7th Street Entry because it... Continue Reading →

And I Crash My Car Cause I Wanna Get Carried Away

There was a rush of energy throughout the venue every time someone took the stage on Tuesday night. Even if it wasn't a musician and just a tech or production team member, there was cheering and applause. It really set... Continue Reading →

An Interview With 4 Minutes Later

I was in love the first time I heard "Holding On To Nothing" by 4 Minutes Later. It's infectious, it's fun, it's energetic-- basically it was everything that I needed and I just had to know more about this "Alien-Pop"... Continue Reading →

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