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Wine Bottle Songs

I wonder what it would take to get a room made at the 7th Street Entry. I only ask this because I have spent the past three nights there and I'm starting to feel like I've spent more time there... Continue Reading →

It Appears This Castle Was Just Made For One

Monday night was one of those shows where I was there solely because of some of the photos I had seen of the headliner, Jazmin Bean. They were of this almost monster like beauty queen with a sewed up nose... Continue Reading →

Escape From My Reality

Some people like to travel to experience new things. Traveling is fun but, as a person who absolutely hates flying, it's almost most anxiety and stress inducing than enjoyable for me. This is why I use different concerts to experience... Continue Reading →

Average Every Day, Sane, Psycho

It has been five days spent at five different venues at five vastly different shows. My week closed out at the gorgeous Palace Theatre in Saint Paul with Liz Phair. I'll be honest, I was still riding high off of... Continue Reading →

Maybe You’re Not Thinking At All

I'm all about bipolar shows. There's just something about walking into a show and getting completely different moods and vibes from multiple bands on the same bill while trying to find the common thread between them. This was the challenge... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Any Last Words?

I had FOMO. I was sitting at work while watching people post pictures of Baroness doing an in-store performance at Down in the Valley in Golden Valley (a suburb of Minneapolis). I honestly could have asked to leave early to... Continue Reading →

I’ll Paint These Walls Fifty Shades of Pink

Like so many other nights of my life, I was walking into The Fine Line on Monday not knowing what to expect. I knew that I was in the mood for a party-- for a show that would leave me... Continue Reading →

We’re In The Mood For A Melody

Friday night was one of those nights that I will never forget. Two legends, one stage and night full of hits and wonderment. I mean, do I even need to write this review of Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel? Or... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Calling

Sometimes doing this night after night does turn into a bit of a job. There are nights when I envy those people who just get home from their day job, make a nice dinner, and then just chill all night.... Continue Reading →

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