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Faygo Root Beer Float

I didn't tell my friends what show they would be going to with me last night. Instead, I waited until one of my friends drove all the way from Eau Claire, Wisconsin (over an hour away) and my other friend... Continue Reading →


The Road Don’t Go Forever, So Ride It While It Lasts

I never thought I would be the type to be into bluegrass and folk music but, alas, here we are. My metalhead self just can't resist a good bluegrassy folk show and that's how I ended up at First Avenue... Continue Reading →

I’ll Take My Chances With The Rain

The news was telling everyone to stay indoors. With an air temperature of -21 and a windchill exceeding -50 (no, I'm not kidding) it probably would have been smart to stay indoors but there was a show in town and... Continue Reading →

Freedom Is Everybody’s Business

As soon as you walked into First Avenue on Friday night you felt it. You felt this undeniable sense of electric energy. Maybe it's because it was a Friday, maybe it was because people have been stuck inside for days... Continue Reading →

Spirit of Minneapolis

I almost didn't go to the show last night. Honestly it was absolutely freaking freezing out and, well, I'm tired. I was definitely in the mood to just sit at home, binge watch some terrible TV and be asleep on... Continue Reading →

Let Me Have This Dance With You

When describing musical acts like the ones I saw last night, I typically get some weird faces. I stumble through words like punk, bluegrass, alt-country, crusty, and a couple of more until I just take a deep breath and end... Continue Reading →

Checkerboard Chick

Yesterday was insane. From the gym, to work, to a haircut, to home to slam a pizza into my mouth then to the show- I honestly didn't have time to catch my breath. I was still in that frantic space... Continue Reading →

Singin’ At The Stars

The other blog I write for has a sign up sheet. It's this expansive list of upcoming shows that are free game for any of the writers or photographers. It's a great system because you see shows on that list... Continue Reading →

We’re Not Getting Any Younger

Last night was a blur. An absolutely beautiful blur. Did I drink too much? Absolutely. Did I stay out way past my bed time? Definitely. Am I getting too old for this shit? Yup! But when Dillinger Four announces a... Continue Reading →

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