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Hey Look Ma, I Made It

This week has been insane and my Wednesday night probably would have been better spent packing and getting ready for Riot Fest weekend but, instead, I found myself at The Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul for Panic! At The... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Always Feel Like Part Of This Was Mine

Short weeks are the worst. I mean, they are the best especially when it's because it's Riot Fest week but holy crap I feel so overwhelmed trying to fit the work that I typically do in seven days into just... Continue Reading →

I Just Want You To Know Who I Am

If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I'm a 90s baby and will never say no to a 90s show even if that means driving over an hour of town to... Continue Reading →

You Know I Never Meant To Let You Down

Saint Paul was buzzing on Sunday night. It wasn't the sportsball scene, it was the music scene. A mess of people of all ages, all styles, and all backgrounds converged on the Xcel Energy Center all with the desire to... Continue Reading →

Gold Teeth And A Curse For This Town

I have a love-hate relationship with sit-down shows. Of course, it's nice to have a night off of my feet but I feel like sit-down shows lose a sense of energy and crowd participation. I was so excited to see... Continue Reading →

When The Dreamer Dies, So Dies The Dreams

It has been about a week since I have been at a show and a little bit longer since I have posted a review. Honestly, I needed a bit of a break. Music is my life but sometimes I need... Continue Reading →

I Know I Won’t Be Leaving Here With You

There were a million things happening throughout the Twin Cities on Saturday night. From almost all of the sports teams playing in town to a giant arena show in Saint Paul and virtually every other club filled with music, it... Continue Reading →

What Else In The Teaches of Peaches?

If you have never seen Peaches live, drop everything and fly to wherever you need to in order to cross her off your list. My exhaustion level is ridiculous after taking a mid-week trip down to Iowa in the middle... Continue Reading →

But Now We’re Stressed Out

I had a whirlwind trip down to Des Moines, Iowa over the past couple of days. From being a bit burnt out from work to going viral for saying some bad things about Motley Crue, I needed the step back... Continue Reading →

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