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Can You Fix The Broken?

Wednesday was one of those days where I just felt like I couldn't catch my breath. Between work and getting ready for my bestie's wedding this weekend, it was just go go go and the only thing that really kept... Continue Reading →

I Am My Inspiration

When was the last time you said something kind about yourself? Seriously. Think back. When was the last time you gave yourself the attention you deserve instead of dropping everything for everyone else and letting your own body and soul... Continue Reading →

Maybe I’m A Different Breed

Blink 182 is coming to town with Tom DeLonge. That has nothing to do with the show I was at on Monday but the amount of excitement I feel about this is insane and I'm already plotting out the ticket-buying... Continue Reading →

Eat And Drink And Enjoy Life

I met my boyfriend's kids yesterday. It was definitely more nerve-wracking for me than for anyone else in the situation, but it went flawlessly. What can I say, I'm good with kids. Even though it went well and the pumpkins... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Know What You Will Give Up

Fall is here and, in no time, it will be winter when nobody in the Twin Cities wants to leave their house and shows turn into a bit of a trickle unless you're like me and will go to anything.... Continue Reading →

Make Up Your Mind

I wasn't expecting much from the show on Friday night. It's not that I didn't think it was going to be a good show. I knew it was going to be a good show. I mean, you can't be a... Continue Reading →

Expect A Riot

Viking metal, pirate metal, Jew punk, Israeli rap, fast food metal-- I've gone down some super weird rabbit holes in my day and am always here for a kitschy show so I was stoked as I picked up a good... Continue Reading →

Every Day Addicted

I didn't know what to expect from the show on Monday night. I knew the headliner was going to be great but I knew nothing about the opening act and was surprised when there were two openers instead of just... Continue Reading →

All We Love We Leave Behind

The future of The Myth Nightclub in Maplewood, MN is in jeopardy. Honestly, when I saw the news, I didn't think twice. Sadly, this venue is just not a favorite of mine or anyone else in the cities. It's a... Continue Reading →

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