Girl at the Rock Shows



I Am So Glad You Stuck True To Your Obsessions

There are no words to describe how awesome last night was. Absolutely no words. Gypsy punk- it's a thing. It's an amazing thing. Gogol Bordello is my favorite gypsy punk band out there (yes, there are many of them). Gypsy... Continue Reading →

Sweet Little Thing

When someone tells me to list my favorite bands of all time, it's rough. There are too many of them to be able to spout off my top five favorite bands but when push comes to shove, I have a... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Wanna Think About It I Just Wanna Get Down

"Who's from Minneapolis?" "Who's from Saint Paul?" "What's the difference?" Those words from Trash Talk singer, Lee Spielman, really stuck with me. It didn't matter what city you were from. It didn't matter what kind of music you usually listen... Continue Reading →

And We’ll Be There, Ready to Trash

I've missed out on seeing┬áD.R.I a couple of times now. I've always wanted to go but something else always seems to come up. I finally got to see these guys last night and now I'm regretting ever missing one of... Continue Reading →

Out Here In My Head

I don't know what was more depressing last night. The fact that it was getting dark by 7:45 or the turnout for the show. I know that Radkey isn't a household name but they should be and will be soon.... Continue Reading →

Some Say It’s A Black Hole

I have missed The Copyrights at least four times in the past two years. They always come to town on a weeknight where I'm just downright exhausted or they come on a night when I have already committed to another... Continue Reading →

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