Girl at the Rock Shows



Champagne Colored Cars- ‘Tourism’

It's yet another snowy night up here in Minneapolis. My plans to hang out with "the dude" have unfortunately been postponed due to said snow. I have to admit, I'm a bit bummed about this change of plans but know... Continue Reading →

Interview With Eric Miko Findlay of Seahaven

I miss talking to musicians. Although I rarely write about my direct interactions with musicians and really try to just focus on the live show energy and music, talking to musicians is one of my favorite things. Being that there... Continue Reading →

snarls- ‘Burst’

I took a half-day today from my day job so I could come home and get caught up on some other work stuff and things around the house. I have been home for four hours and so far have taken... Continue Reading →

Good Things- ‘Heaven Is Yours’

It finally got cold up here in Minneapolis. We all knew it was coming but I think the warmer than usual temperatures had us all thinking that we would get a break this year just given how insane the year... Continue Reading →

Floordbird- ‘Fall Apart Anywhere’

The title of Floorbird's new EP spoke to me when going through my list of albums to review. 'Fall Apart Anywhere'. That's kind of my motto these days. I feel like I can have a breakdown at any given time... Continue Reading →

Safe Hands- ‘Highs & Lows’

How is it that I seem so busy but have nothing to do? It's crazy to me that we are already midway through December even though August feels like just weeks ago. Regardless, I apologize to all you readers. I... Continue Reading →

Karma Kids- ‘Chemical Drugs’

Okay, I'll admit, I'm a little old school when it comes to my genres. Sure, I know the difference between emo and pop-punk but I don't get into all of the subgenres. That's honestly one of the main reasons I... Continue Reading →

ManDancing- ‘The Good Sweat’

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving given the current situation we all find ourselves in. I'll be honest, Thanksgiving was never a holiday I chased home for so mine didn't look much different than any other year but my... Continue Reading →

Sorry Ghost- ‘The Morning After’

It's Monday. I'm drained. It's only Monday and I'm drained. The pandemic keeps hitting closer and closer to home which has been raising my anxiety to an astronomical level. I've been on edge all day and just haven't been able... Continue Reading →

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