It finally got cold up here in Minneapolis. We all knew it was coming but I think the warmer than usual temperatures had us all thinking that we would get a break this year just given how insane the year has already been. With the temperature falling below freezing and a dusting of snow, the thought of going out anywhere has gone out the window and I have found myself just all cozied in with the cats and a want for new music to go with the winter tundra forming outside. I scanned my lisst of albums to review and stumbled across ‘Heaven Is Yours’ by Good Things. The mixture of the title and the beautiful album cover had me thinking this could be the one so here I am- a fresh cup of tea, a candle going in the background and my speakers turned all the way up.

This six-song EP kicks off with “A Wake” and an infectious beat that my heart and soul was craving. I was a little shocked as the lyrics came in with a sense of vengeance. The shouting vocals of the opening line caught me off guard in the best way. This opening track feels like the perfect mix of Touche Amore mixed with any great emo pop-punk band from the early 2000s. I have never heard anything quite like this but by the time this opening track was done, I knew I had found a new favorite band that was sure to get all of my attention over the coming days.

“Georgia Peach” may have a rocking blues-infused intro but it quickly turns into this unique blend that can only be described as “Good Things”. I love this track so much (and have a feeling I will be saying that about all of the tracks to come) and truly enjoy the ambiance it brings to my house. Although the beat is infectious, and I could compare the sound to a million different bands, the unique composition of this song kept me on my toes. Although I’d like to pretend like I constantly knew what was coming lyrically and beat-wise, I was consistently off. This could annoy some music snobs that will say it doesn’t follow typical song-structure but I adore this aspect of Good Things. The little breakdown towards the end of this track had me stopping everything and just taking it all in. I repeated that little breakdown a couple of times before allowing the track to finish up with its triumphant ending.

I definitely needed a bit of a pause after “Georgia Peach” to gather my thoughts about this band and to shake off the pure love I have for them after just two tracks fo “Wonderful, Happy” was a perfect palate cleanser before things jumped back into gear with “Teeth (Dive Into Me)”. “Teeth (Dive Into Me)” shows a more aggressive side of Good Things that is heard in the previous tracks but always kind of hidden back there. The beat on this track is a bit more driving than the rest and the crescendos are a bit more dramatized in the perfect way. Although I say this track is more aggressive than the previous songs, this track isn’t mean or in your face. It’s just that perfect blend of energy, power, emotion, and sensitivity. I seriously hate myself for writing this about every track but… I love this song.

Things slow down just a little bit for “Blues” which seems to be the ballad portion of this EP. Although a different vibe than the previous tracks, this song is still clearly Good Things. With the distinct vocals and song-structure, there will never be any doubt of who I’m listening to when I hear a song from these guys. This song is a beauty. Casey Armata does guest vocals on this track and I instantly wanted her to be a full-time member of this band. The way her stunning voice melts into the track so naturally is impressive especially since the sound of Good Things is so different. Dear Good Things- please feature her more or just go ahead and offer her a spot in your band.

“Heaven Is Yours” closes out this six-song EP. “Heaven Is Yours” continues with the calm beauty laid out in “Blues” before reaching a tipping point. This song tells a heartbreaking story (which I will not ruin for you) and has peaks and valleys in the music to match. It’s truly goosebump-inducing and, although I wanted this release to finish with a more infectious song like “A Wake”, I realized halfway through that “Heaven Is Yours” is the only way Good Things should have ended this release. It’s beyond perfect and as it faded out and my house was left in silence, I found myself completely lost for words.

I was looking for cozy tonight. I didn’t get cozy from Good Things’ ‘Heaven Is Yours’. I got so much more and that was exactly what I needed. What a creative, genius, and beautiful piece of art. I highly suggest you spend some time with this EP and this band.

My Favorite Track(s): All Six Tracks– Seriously

For Fans Of: Emotions; Surprises; Non-Conventional Song Formats

Mosh-ability: 7 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It:  Artie slept under my feet; Autumn ate her dinner

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 10 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 9.9 out of 10

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