Girl at the Rock Shows


7th street entry

Checkerboard Chick

Yesterday was insane. From the gym, to work, to a haircut, to home to slam a pizza into my mouth then to the show- I honestly didn't have time to catch my breath. I was still in that frantic space... Continue Reading →


Am I Just In A Dream

New Year's was a blur. I wish I could say that was because of the copious amounts of bubbly I consumed while I was dancing my butt off to Skrillex as he dropped the ball at the annual Snowta fest... Continue Reading →

Hope I Wake Up Young Again

When I promise to see an act again, I mean it. Even if that means missing big shows like Florence & the Machine or Ed Sheeran. If I write about catching an act next time they come in town because... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let The Devil Take You Out For Dinner

I finally took the plunge. I joined a gym. Yeah, go ahead and laugh but I needed to do something and that something was apparently at 5:45AM spin class yesterday morning (my first day at a gym ever-- go big... Continue Reading →

I Lost It All In The Right Way

My favorite thing is walking into a show and falling head over heels for a musician or band I had never heard of prior to the show. After an experience like that, I typically write something about how I will... Continue Reading →

I’m Probably Up

After spending some time in Chicago for Riot Fest, it felt great to get back to the grind and walk the familiar path from the parking ramp to First Avenue/ 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis on Wednesday night. I had... Continue Reading →

We’re Too Young To Make It Out

I will truly never understand how anyone living in the Twin Cities gets enough sleep. There are seriously far too many great shows that need to be seen to have an ample amount of sleep be even a thought in... Continue Reading →

I Take Control Of My Holy Ghost

My photographer (from the other blog I write for) and I gave each other a glance. We really didn't need to say anything, the glance said it all-- Why the hell are we here? Neither of us knew anything about... Continue Reading →

I’ll Never Be The Thing To Run To

I only signed up to cover last night's show because my friend and fellow blogger was excited about it and, with her taking photos and me writing, it was sure to be a great girl's night out. I knew nothing... Continue Reading →

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