Girl at the Rock Shows


Amigo the Devil

It Was Always You

It was March 12th of 2020 that I last saw Murder By Death and Amigo The Devil. Does that date sound familiar? It should because it was the day that the world changed. It was the last show for many... Continue Reading →

Drink From The River And Find Your Way To Me

I feel like yesterday wasn't a good day for anyone. It was cancellation after cancellation for everything from school to sports to concerts. I honestly couldn't take scrolling through my social media feeds due to how many concerts and tours... Continue Reading →

Let Me Have This Dance With You

When describing musical acts like the ones I saw last night, I typically get some weird faces. I stumble through words like punk, bluegrass, alt-country, crusty, and a couple of more until I just take a deep breath and end... Continue Reading →

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