Girl at the Rock Shows


cabooze outdoor plaza

F*&!ing Magnets, How Do They Work?

I honestly don't know why I keep going to shows like the one on Thursday night other than the fact that the entire Juggalo scene absolutely fascinates me. From the undeniable sense of family to the outlandish outfits and the... Continue Reading →

Got The Feeling That You Wanna Burn Slow

Was I thrilled to go back into the miserable heat after spending all day Saturday outside in it? No. But I knew that Sunday night's show at The Cabooze Outdoor Plaza was a show that I just couldn't miss. It's... Continue Reading →

Don’t Take My Money

One day festivals are the best. It gives me a chance to get my ginger skin some sun and to have a couple drinks with friends while listening to all sorts of music. Unlike a weekend festival with multiple stages,... Continue Reading →

Semi-Charmed Kinda Life

Last night was surreal. I know I talk about this all time but is going to a concert just an excuse for that feeling of nostalgia? Last night was the feeling of nostalgia times 100. The line-up alone was enough to... Continue Reading →

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