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Eternal Boy – ‘Bad Days Are Over’

I was catapulted into a world of pop-punk perfection the first time I heard "Thirty Something" from Eternal Boy. When I heard they had a full album come out, I just couldn't contain my excitement. Sadly, life has gotten in... Continue Reading →

Softspoken – ‘Where The Heart Belongs’

I've been checking out some amazing music lately but I've felt like something is missing and that thing is heaviness. Although I'm a pop-punk princess at heart, I'm a sucker for some good hardcore and metalcore music so I was... Continue Reading →

Nick and the Old Sport – ‘The Way It Didn’t Happen’

I have been getting quotes on a new furnace and air conditioner. What a headache and confusing process. Thankfully, both are working (knock on wood) and this is more me trying to be proactive but still, what a nightmare. I... Continue Reading →

Joker’s Hand – ‘Joker’s Hand’

I heard a new track from Joker's Hand a couple of days ago and instantly fell in love. "War Profiteer" had something so sunny about it and I was addicted and had to hear more from this band. Unfortunately, that... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – ‘A Better Life’

Shows are back and I have yet to figure out how I'm going to balance everything with this new addition of album reviews but, don't worry, I'll figure it out eventually. Thankfully, shows, although back, are coming back slowly and... Continue Reading →

Modern Fools – ‘Seer’

Waiting for a text back has to be one of the most anxiety-inducing events ever. I need a distraction and need to stop obsessively checking my phone so how about we jump into some new music starting with Modern Fools'... Continue Reading →

Foster Dad – ‘ we are now​|​here’

We have almost made it to the weekend and if that doesn't deserve a little celebration, I don't know what does. How do you celebrate? I celebrate by checking out new music so let's do just that and take a... Continue Reading →

Desktop Alarm Clock – ‘Min/Max’

If I'm being quite honest, I'm fading fast. I should probably give in and head to bed but I've been on such a hot streak of amazing EPs tonight that I just can't stop. Let's see if Desktop Alarm Clock's... Continue Reading →

Reed Gaines – ‘From Across The Room’

I feel like everything I have checked out tonight has been amazing so why stop when the getting is good? Although it came out last year, Reed Gaines' EP 'From Across The Room' is new to me so let's check... Continue Reading →

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