Girl at the Rock Shows



Distract Ourselves To Make Us Feel Like We’re Not Just Mistakes

After a night off from shows on Saturday, I was ready to jump back in as Sunday night rolled around. Sure, it was amazing to catch up with friends and get a little out of control but spending a Saturday... Continue Reading →

You Can Tell That Everything Is Going Well

It has been 116 days since The Triple Rock closed (but who's counting, right?). Every once in awhile I will go to a show and am instantly be transported into that legendary club that I spent far too many nights... Continue Reading →

I Fought The Law, But The Law Beat The Shit Out Of Me

After an amazing show on Wednesday night, I was ready for another. Although shows have been a bit slow due to the holidays, I am more than ready to jump back into my normal life of showsing every single night... Continue Reading →

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