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first avenue & 7th street entry

I’ll Love You Every Day Till I Die

I was super intrigued by the bluegrass scene after spending my Thursday night with Kitchen Dweller and Armchair Boogie. Although the music wasn't something I would listen to on a normal basis, I loved the feeling I got from being... Continue Reading →

Come On Take Me Away

So an alien, a pickle, and a hotdog step onto the stage at The 7th Street Entry. No, this is not the beginning of a joke, rather the beginning of my Saturday night spent with Porky's Groove Machine and LowDown... Continue Reading →

We Could Walk Away

Just the other day I spent almost an entire article talking about how amazing the local music scene is but I completely neglected to talk to you about how amazing the crowd here in the Twin Cities is. I mean,... Continue Reading →

You’re Gonna Miss Me In The Dark

I am really trying to focus a bit more on the local music scene. Don't get me wrong, being I love the fact that I often get the opportunity to witness huge shows from nationally and globally touring acts but... Continue Reading →


I broke one of my cardinal rules yesterday. If you don't know what you're going to see, don't look it up. I know that sounds like a silly rule but, as I explained yesterday when sharing out the single from... Continue Reading →

If Only They Knew How Real This Life Really Gets

Atmosphere, it's just a ten-letter word but here in the Twin Cities- it's so much more than that. I've been excited for Friday and Saturday night for a while but as I started getting ready to head out on Friday... Continue Reading →

Wine Bottle Songs

I wonder what it would take to get a room made at the 7th Street Entry. I only ask this because I have spent the past three nights there and I'm starting to feel like I've spent more time there... Continue Reading →

It Appears This Castle Was Just Made For One

Monday night was one of those shows where I was there solely because of some of the photos I had seen of the headliner, Jazmin Bean. They were of this almost monster like beauty queen with a sewed up nose... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Any Last Words?

I had FOMO. I was sitting at work while watching people post pictures of Baroness doing an in-store performance at Down in the Valley in Golden Valley (a suburb of Minneapolis). I honestly could have asked to leave early to... Continue Reading →

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