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first avenue & 7th street entry

My Little Shot In The Dark

Tuesday was a weird day for me and I was honestly still shaken as I made my way downtown for the show at The 7th Street Entry. I won't get into the details because I'm trying not to linger on... Continue Reading →

Don’t You Know You’re Queen

The only reason I ended up at the Fine Line on Wednesday was because of the pictures I was seeing from Perfume Genius' tour. Okay, that and a night spent at a show is better than a night spent at... Continue Reading →

Live Fast, Die Young

Thursday was my last day working for the man. I got home from signing the paperwork saying I was no longer employed by the company that has given me everything over the past nine years, got home, and just melted... Continue Reading →

Young Drunk and Angry

I pulled double duty on Monday night. One show a night is just not enough for me anymore and I'm lucky enough to live in a place that has a few venues with multiple rooms in it-- First Avenue being... Continue Reading →

I Wear A Coat Of Feelings And They Are Loud

There was a different vibe in the room as I walked into the First Avenue Mainroom on Monday night. Instead of just background music playing fairly softly in the background, the sound of almost chaotic noise music was pumping through... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Warpaint On

Shows can be a super personal thing for me. There are certain acts that I refuse to take anyone with me to see just because I need that, sorry to be dramatic, religious experience. Dave Hause is one of those... Continue Reading →

Anthem for No State

Downtown Minneapolis was bustling as I made my way through the streets to the parking ramp I always park at. Maybe it was the various theater productions happening downtown, maybe the lingering party atmosphere of Saint Patrick's day, or maybe... Continue Reading →

Is Your Mother Worried?

Shows sell out up here in the Twin Cities a lot and I don't blink an eye. Even if I'm slightly surprised by a certain act selling out, it's not usually enough for me to feel like I just have... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Powers

I feel like shows went from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. That's not at all a complaint and I was beyond excited as my boyfriend and I made our way to downtown Minneapolis on Monday night.... Continue Reading →

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