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We Could Walk Away

Just the other day I spent almost an entire article talking about how amazing the local music scene is but I completely neglected to talk to you about how amazing the crowd here in the Twin Cities is. I mean,... Continue Reading →

You’re Gonna Miss Me In The Dark

I am really trying to focus a bit more on the local music scene. Don't get me wrong, being I love the fact that I often get the opportunity to witness huge shows from nationally and globally touring acts but... Continue Reading →


I broke one of my cardinal rules yesterday. If you don't know what you're going to see, don't look it up. I know that sounds like a silly rule but, as I explained yesterday when sharing out the single from... Continue Reading →

If Only They Knew How Real This Life Really Gets

Atmosphere, it's just a ten-letter word but here in the Twin Cities- it's so much more than that. I've been excited for Friday and Saturday night for a while but as I started getting ready to head out on Friday... Continue Reading →

Wine Bottle Songs

I wonder what it would take to get a room made at the 7th Street Entry. I only ask this because I have spent the past three nights there and I'm starting to feel like I've spent more time there... Continue Reading →

It Appears This Castle Was Just Made For One

Monday night was one of those shows where I was there solely because of some of the photos I had seen of the headliner, Jazmin Bean. They were of this almost monster like beauty queen with a sewed up nose... Continue Reading →

Escape From My Reality

Some people like to travel to experience new things. Traveling is fun but, as a person who absolutely hates flying, it's almost most anxiety and stress inducing than enjoyable for me. This is why I use different concerts to experience... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Any Last Words?

I had FOMO. I was sitting at work while watching people post pictures of Baroness doing an in-store performance at Down in the Valley in Golden Valley (a suburb of Minneapolis). I honestly could have asked to leave early to... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Wanna Think About A Day Without You

After spending some time in the First Avenue Mainroom for the Slaughter Beach, Dog and Bonny Doon show, it was time to make the 20 foot trek down to the more intimate 7th Street Entry. I know I've said this... Continue Reading →

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