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We’ve Got The American Jesus

Things are starting to get back to normal after a whirlwind weekend trip to California for a family reunion that left me exhausted and completely out of my routine. I've been struggling to get back in the swing of things... Continue Reading →


You’ve Done Too Much Much Too Young

Even though I felt like I still smelled like diet rootbeer Faygo and was still trying to get the stickiness out of my hair from the Insane Clown Posse show, my concert grind stops for nothing so after one more... Continue Reading →

In The Red Earth And The Pouring Rain

Yesterday was a weird day. From the excitement of seeing the Riot Fest line-up to the sticker shock I was left with after buying a ticket to said Fest because, well, just look at that line-up, to the refreshing nap... Continue Reading →

Put Some Music On, Maybe I’ll Come Around

The holiday weekend may be over but you wouldn't know that if you were at the 7th Street Entry on Tuesday night. Something in the air screamed energy and the crowd was clearly there to party. Honestly, after a first... Continue Reading →

What Would Your Mama Say?

What do you do when it's a friend of a friend of a friend's birthday and the boyfriend of said friend of a friend of a friend is busy (you still with me here)? Well clearly you invite the friend... Continue Reading →

Let’s Waste Time Chasing Cars

It was an ugly day in the Twin Cities. From the non-stop rain to the March like temperatures, everyone just seemed to be a bit crabby and on edge. Can you blame all of us? We've been stuck in winter... Continue Reading →

I’m A Free Animal

Some of the best shows are the ones you expect the least from. I honestly had no clue what I was going to see last night but my friend had signed up to do photos and I figured, why the... Continue Reading →

Are You Strong Enough?

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite things is seeing a band grow right in front of my eyes. To be able to see a band open up a small show in Minneapolis, then catch them opening up a... Continue Reading →

These Are Just The Words To Somebody Else’s Song

There are a million ways a show can stun you. I was stunned by the pure beauty of Jacob Banks' voice on Wednesday night. Last night I was stunned by the artistry, chaos and pure energy of the Daughters show.... Continue Reading →

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