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I Take Control Of My Holy Ghost

My photographer (from the other blog I write for) and I gave each other a glance. We really didn't need to say anything, the glance said it all-- Why the hell are we here? Neither of us knew anything about... Continue Reading →


Peace Sign, Middle Finger

I took a week off of shows. I had some family come in from California and then my dad and stepmom made the trek up to north country to visit my brother and I. It was an amazing week but... Continue Reading →

I’ll Never Be The Thing To Run To

I only signed up to cover last night's show because my friend and fellow blogger was excited about it and, with her taking photos and me writing, it was sure to be a great girl's night out. I knew nothing... Continue Reading →

When You Say Nothing You Can Mean So Much

Some shows are just more fun with friends in tow. Sure, I love going to shows alone. You're able to do what you want without judgement and you make all of the calls for the night as to when to... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Too Hard To Join The Club

Yesterday was a rough day. I can't tell you why or what set my anxiety off but it was just a rough day. I went home after work and crashed. I wanted nothing to do with anyone. I honestly just... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Sure Even The Best Of Us Can Care All The Time

The day after a three day weekend is never an easy day to get through. Having to wake up, go to work and get back to your normal mundane life instead of barbecuing with friends and spending days in overly... Continue Reading →

Love Is The Law

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Twin Cities has one of the best music scenes in the country. Not only are the rap/ hip-hop and metal scenes stellar, there's also the old school punk and rock... Continue Reading →

Kiss This

I'm still recovering from Northern Invasion this past weekend. My legs aren't quite back to normal yet and I'm still coughing up dust but we are in the thick of concert season and there are very few things that will... Continue Reading →

The Boys Get Lonely After You Leave

A couple of months ago I heard a song on the radio that instantly caught me. It was dancey, catchy, poppy and new. Okay, that last word isn't quite true. I thought this was a hot new single from a... Continue Reading →

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