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Wrestlepalooza XVI

If you would have asked me just a couple of years ago about my thoughts on wrestling I probably would have laughed and shrugged the question off. Although I've always liked the imagery of some wrestlers, I just never got... Continue Reading →

Frustrated, Incorporated

It felt so good to be back in Minneapolis and be back at a show. Sure, spending the holidays with my family was great and I realized that maybe, deep down, I miss the slow and calm nature of Des... Continue Reading →

I’m Surrounded By Greatness

I'm in a concert drought and I hate it. I'm sure there are shows going on that I could be at but the mixture of the cold dark tundra I live in and the stress of adulting by way of... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s Looking For The Thrill Tonight

Sold out shows at First Avenue are not out of the norm. Honestly, it seems to be the norm these days. I'm typically not surprised when a show sells out and have gotten pretty good at calling it before it... Continue Reading →

Life’s Waiting To Begin

I'm obsessed with Blink 182. Find me a former emo kid that isn't and I'll show you a liar. They are my band. No matter what my mood is, they are there to comfort me like a weighted blanket. I've... Continue Reading →

Hi, Says The Girl Who Doesn’t Have Time For Relationship Advice Rather Relationships At All

Sunday night's show was one I had been looking forward to ever since it go announced. Full disclosure, I was hesitant to jump onto the Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers train the first time I heard him. His music was... Continue Reading →

I Got My Head Up, No Time To Waste

I am notorious for dragging my friends to shows that are completely out of their comfort zone. Whether it's taking one of my indie-loving friends to a black metal show or taking one of my metal friends to an indie-pop... Continue Reading →

Say That You’ll Always Remind Me

I'm rarely surprised when a show sells out anymore. I feel like I'm in the know enough to know when an up and coming artist has a big enough following to sell out shows. Sure, sometimes I'm wrong (like that... Continue Reading →

It’s Hard To Say The Truth Out Loud

I haven't watched American Idol in years. A mixture of getting into different styles of music and digging a bit deeper into the music industry completely ruined the show for me. That being said, there was always talent on that... Continue Reading →

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