Girl at the Rock Shows




It's only 10 AM and my day has already been a complete rollercoaster ride. I'm exhausted and ready to just call it a day and fast forward to tonight's show but, sadly, that is not an option. Thankfully, MINIMUM RAGE... Continue Reading →

DryerFire – “Torture”

"Torture" from DryerFire is about an uncomfortable subject but one that is so serious and so important. **trigger warning** This song is about DryerFire's singer and them dealing with the emotions of being raped. This is a heavy subject to... Continue Reading →

Split Image – “Prey On My Downfall”

It's a soggy Saturday morning. Honestly, it's pretty gloomy out with no sight of the sun and a constant slow trickle of rain but I'm not going to let that get me down. I'm feeling motivated and full of life... Continue Reading →

Saving Face – “Vacant”

I needed something heavy this afternoon. I don't know why but the indie-pop playlist that has been swirling around my house just isn't doing it for me anymore today. Thankfully, the next single I had on my list to check... Continue Reading →

It’s So Inspiring, The Knives Sharpening

I am a creature of habit. I like my spaces that I know and I like to be surrounded by familiar faces. I got neither of those things at the show on Wednesday night but that added a sense of... Continue Reading →

SICK MINDS – “Nothing To Lose”

It has been an insane day. That's not a bad thing but means that I haven't had much time to dig into some of the amazing singles piling up on my desk. Although taking a break right now from my... Continue Reading →

No Better Way – “Outcast”

I love it when bands give me some insight on a song when they send it to me. I also love it when bands say nothing and leave a track open for interpretation. When No Better Way sent me their... Continue Reading →

PsyOp- “Scumlord”

I don't know what the sound clip that kicks off "Scumlord" from PsyOp comes from but it absolutely caught my attention and, as the song kicked into gear, I fell in love with PsyOp's intense sound. A controlled chaos with... Continue Reading →

Titans – “Cycles”

When you first hit play on "Cycles" by Titans, you are hit with an undeniable sense of power and aggression but this track is so much more than that. Personally, I love the hardcore influence that is heard throughout this... Continue Reading →

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