Girl at the Rock Shows



It’s So Inspiring, The Knives Sharpening

I am a creature of habit. I like my spaces that I know and I like to be surrounded by familiar faces. I got neither of those things at the show on Wednesday night but that added a sense of... Continue Reading →

SICK MINDS – “Nothing To Lose”

It has been an insane day. That's not a bad thing but means that I haven't had much time to dig into some of the amazing singles piling up on my desk. Although taking a break right now from my... Continue Reading →

No Better Way – “Outcast”

I love it when bands give me some insight on a song when they send it to me. I also love it when bands say nothing and leave a track open for interpretation. When No Better Way sent me their... Continue Reading →

PsyOp- “Scumlord”

I don't know what the sound clip that kicks off "Scumlord" from PsyOp comes from but it absolutely caught my attention and, as the song kicked into gear, I fell in love with PsyOp's intense sound. A controlled chaos with... Continue Reading →

Titans – “Cycles”

When you first hit play on "Cycles" by Titans, you are hit with an undeniable sense of power and aggression but this track is so much more than that. Personally, I love the hardcore influence that is heard throughout this... Continue Reading →

Autumn Kids – “Constellations”

I know nothing about the music scene in Germany but, after hearing "Constellations" from Autumn Kids, it's a world I absolutely want to dig into a little bit more. This track doesn't waste any time and instantly jumps into a... Continue Reading →

Hill Climber – “The Blood Spring”

It's not even nine in the morning yet but I'm already having a day over here. I have a dentist appointment, more calls than there are hours in a day, a show tonight, and just work and house stuff that... Continue Reading →

I Want To Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Turnstile's new album and the tour they brought through Minneapolis on Friday night was called "Turnstile Love Connection" and that describes my Friday night perfectly. There was something in the air as my boyfriend, brother and I entered The Varsity... Continue Reading →

Low Life – ‘Nerves’

It's Wednesday! Do you know what that means? Well, it means next to nothing other than it's Wednesday and I'm ready for some new music so let's check out 'Nerves' from Low Life! I know this isn't a brand new... Continue Reading →

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