Girl at the Rock Shows



Swaying To The Symphony Of Destruction

Although still recovering from the absolutely amazing trip I had to Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas, well, there's no sleep for the wicked... right? One of the heavier tours to hit the road this year made an appearance at The Armory... Continue Reading →

In My Viking Death Machine

Seeing some bands will never get old. Last night may have been my 48th time seeing Gwar in concert but I felt just as excited as I did the first time I saw them. A little obsessive? Maybe. Or maybe... Continue Reading →

This Spirit Can’t Be Broken

It seems like everyone and their brother has seen Hatebreed live. Even if you don't go to shows, you've seen Hatebreed. Hell, a co-worker has seen Hatebreed a couple of times and I'm not convinced he even really knows what... Continue Reading →

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