Girl at the Rock Shows


he is legend

What Is Living Without Letting Go

I hope you all got out and voted yesterday. I don't care who you voted for, as long as you got out there and did the damn thing. In celebration of me sucking up my extreme social anxiety and actually... Continue Reading →

If You Want Blood- You’ve Got It!

I was greeted by a staff that had traded in their signature black shirts for white ones. Nearly everything was covered in black trash bags. There's only one reason that those two things happen and that reason is Gwar. It... Continue Reading →

I Am Hollywood

With two 10 out of 10 nights in a row, my streak of amazing shows and being able to ignore my exhaustion was bound to run out. Thankfully, last night was not the night where the streak ended and I... Continue Reading →

I Know Where I’ve Been

I hadn't been to a show since Sunday. I was going through withdrawals. I didn't know much about the bands playing last night but I knew I needed a concert so I took my sunburnt self to the show and... Continue Reading →

Suck Out The Poison

Remember those old projectors you used to have in school? The ones with the blinding lights that never seemed to focus on the pull down screens that were a staple in every classroom. I never thought I would see one... Continue Reading →

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