Remember those old projectors you used to have in school? The ones with the blinding lights that never seemed to focus on the pull down screens that were a staple in every classroom. I never thought I would see one again. And then Must Be The Holy Ghost happened.

Must Be The Holy Ghost has one of the coolest live shows I have seen. I’ve been to my fair share of shows that have “live art” at them but this kind of took it to a whole new level. The live art I have seen has been artists painting or drawing while a band is playing. The artist paints whatever the music makes them feel and it usually turns out absolutely awesome. Watching something like that is really cool and adds to the ambiance and creativity of a live show.

Must Be The Holy Ghost (MBTHG) is a one man band (two if you count the projector artist). Jared, the musician, does amazing things with looping pedals. If you were just listening to the music, I honestly don’t think you would know that it was all coming out of one man. I’ve seen looping pedals live millions of times but I’ve never seen them utilized like this and give such an awesome sound. The layers of the music were numerous but not muddy. Although the sound was on the softer side, it was full of energy. It was amazing to see Jared work his magic on the pedal board and what not but what was more captivating was the live art going on.

Last night, like I said, took live art to a whole new level. The second the projector on the cart was set up in front of the stage, I was intrigued. I stood there wondering where in the hell you would even get one of these in this day and age. I wondered what they were going to do with it. When first turned on, the projector only showed the band’s name along with a stained glass looking design underneath it. I was frustrated because I thought that’s all they were going to use it for. I mean, I get that it’s a creative way to display your band’s name but all of that work for just that? Boy, was I wrong!

The second the music started, the artist started and had the whole crowd in awe. He used a simple concoction of what seemed to be water, oil, and food coloring to make one of the most beautiful backgrounds I have ever seen. He carefully used eye droppers to drop colors onto a plate on top of the projector and then washed them out with oil and water. This created an almost bubble like effect not only across the screen that was pulled down behind Jared, but also on Jared’s plain white t-shirt.

The art seemed to move with the music. The artist (unfortunately, I did not catch his name) would use a plate to “squish” the color mixture he had going. As he raised and lowered this plate, the bubbles would move to the beat. He also used plastic tubing to blow into the mixture making the colors and bubbles swirl. It is really hard to describe what was happening but trust me when I say that it was truly awesome. At the same time, there were times where I caught myself not paying attention to the music and more just to what was going on behind the screen. That was such a shame because what I did catch music-wise was absolutely amazing.

He Is Legend was the headlining act last night, although I truly think MBTHG really stole the show. He Is Legend is always a fun band to see. This was my fourth or fifth time seeing them and they have yet to let me down. Their music is heavy but in a fun way. It is what I like to call “party metal” because, although there are metal aspects, it truly just makes you want to get up and dance. Lead singer Schuylar Croom is always entertaining to watch on stage. He is never standing still and is able to get everyone in the crowd moving along with him. They played some old songs last night that I had yet to see them play live so I was super excited. They also played some new songs that had the small, but humble, crowd excited.

There were a couple other opening acts last night including my boys in Cantharone. As always, it was a pleasure to see them grace the stage. They played a couple new songs that I had yet to hear and really showed their progression as a band. It makes me super proud to be able to call them my friends. So many bands will show up on the local music scene but they don’t last or they don’t progress, they just stay the same. Cantharone is one of the few local bands that has stuck around and keep on getting better and keep on progressing.

So maybe last night wasn’t the most exciting show of all time. It was a Sunday and the crowd was small. All that being said, the music was great and I finally felt at home at a show again after a weekend of EDM music where I felt completely lost.

It was good to be home.

Line Up:

Must Be The Holy Ghost
A Legend Untold
A Modern Synthesis

Venue- Skyway Theatre

Sausage Fest Meter-  87 out of 10

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- 28

Crowd Surfers- None