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Johnny O’Neil- ‘Truth or Dare’

I have been fortunate enough to see Dare Force perform live once. They opened for the almighty Impaler back in September of 2018 (check out my full review here!). I remember them not being quite my thing (a little too... Continue Reading →

See You In Hell

Although neither the venue or the headlining act of last night's show are new, they were new to me making last night a bit of an adventure. Full disclosure, I was a bit hesitant to even go. The venue was... Continue Reading →

Island of the Damned

Seeing bands take the stage that haven't done so in over thirty years is truly a special sight. I could have been at the Taylor Swift show last night watching pop-music in it's best form with a show full of... Continue Reading →

I Have Frying Pan

Nearly a year ago I wrote about what happens when Gallagher, Ned Flanders, a mariachi singer, and Ronald McDonald walk into First Avenue. Well, here's another one for you- A shock rocker, Darth Vader and a Satanic looking Ronald McDonald... Continue Reading →

It Won’t Die

I left last night's Reflections show feeling a little down. I was so bummed about┬áthat being┬áthe last time I will ever get to see them live. I felt lost and, as cliche as it sounds, a small part of me... Continue Reading →

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