Girl at the Rock Shows



See You In Hell

Although neither the venue or the headlining act of last night's show are new, they were new to me making last night a bit of an adventure. Full disclosure, I was a bit hesitant to even go. The venue was... Continue Reading →

Island of the Damned

Seeing bands take the stage that haven't done so in over thirty years is truly a special sight. I could have been at the Taylor Swift show last night watching pop-music in it's best form with a show full of... Continue Reading →

I Have Frying Pan

Nearly a year ago I wrote about what happens when Gallagher, Ned Flanders, a mariachi singer, and Ronald McDonald walk into First Avenue. Well, here's another one for you- A shock rocker, Darth Vader and a Satanic looking Ronald McDonald... Continue Reading →

It Won’t Die

I left last night's Reflections show feeling a little down. I was so bummed about┬áthat being┬áthe last time I will ever get to see them live. I felt lost and, as cliche as it sounds, a small part of me... Continue Reading →

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