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All I Know Is What I’ve Seen

I knew nothing about the music that I was going to get from my Monday night show. Honestly, I was supposed to have the night off but am making it a point to catch as many local shows as I... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Denver – “Miracle (Already Gone)”

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a great and productive morning! I know I am and Sleepless Denver's "Miracle (Already Gone)" is really hitting the spot this morning. The third song off of the band's "Bloom" LP,... Continue Reading →

Sarpa Salpa – “She Never Lies”

"She Never Lies" is not the first song I've heard from Sarpa Salpa. I've been addicted to this band for months and every song I hear from them seems to be better than the last so I figured it's about... Continue Reading →

Rubber LeBaron – ‘Bug Bite EP’

I'm having a hard time concentrating on work right now. Maybe it's the excitement of going to a show tonight that I know nothing about or maybe it's the anticipation of the expected first snow overnight, regardless, I just can't... Continue Reading →

Corey Crumpacker – ‘Royal Blood’

The Nathaniel Rateliff vibe I got from Corey Crumpacker's single "Mirrors" had me intrigued. Although I have to be in the right mood for music like Nathaniel Rateliff, I feel like tonight is the night and I can't wait to dig into... Continue Reading →

Jaguar Jaguar- ‘Pink Lies’

Yet another Minneapolis-based band that I have never heard of, Jaguar Jaguar recently reached out about me possibly reviewing their new EP. I rarely turn new music down but always get super excited to check out music from the Twin... Continue Reading →

We Can’t Be The Adults We Want To Be

This week has been one of the best weeks of shows I've had in awhile and Saturday night's show was just the icing on the cake. After spending my day running errands, chopping all of my hair off (again), and... Continue Reading →

Rock the Garden 2018

I wasn't excited about yesterday-- not going to lie. The line-up did nothing for me (okay, if freaking sucked other than one or two highlights), it was hotter than hell and, well, I have yet to finish binge watching the... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Sure Even The Best Of Us Can Care All The Time

The day after a three day weekend is never an easy day to get through. Having to wake up, go to work and get back to your normal mundane life instead of barbecuing with friends and spending days in overly... Continue Reading →

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