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An Interview With Lunatic High

Looking at their pictures, listening to their music-- everything about Lunatic High makes me smile and I was thrilled when they offered me a chance to ask them some questions that, as usual, have nothing to do with music. This... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Ryker and Weston from Weston & The Evergreen

Weston & The Evergreen have been busy lately. From releasing their new song "Great American Epic" on August 26th to their upcoming performance opening for The Band CAMINO on September 3rd, these guys are grinding and absolutely turning heads as... Continue Reading →

An Interview with ShortCuts!

Back in the day, I wanted to be a skateboarder. No joke. I was never really good at it but I loved watching skate videos and fantasizing that I was behind the skaters with the camera or something. On family... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Berra

Today is the day-- The single "Star" from Berra's upcoming debut EP titled 'Move It Boy' is out and I highly urge you to drop everything and check it out. Berra is the solo project of Roba Djalleta but this... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Cecilia Glenn

Many people don't know this but I spent some of my summers in high school at an opera camp in Iowa. Don't judge and don't jump to conclusions. I went there for more piano than singing but it definitely made... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Quone

The second I heard "Nosebleed" by Quone, I was in love. From the beginning of the track which starts with an epic drum part throughout the heartfelt lyrics and all the way until the way the track fades out in... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Pete Clark of Palamino

Life has been insane lately and I was supposed to push this interview (and subsequent single) from Palamino out a couple of weeks ago but here we are, typical Girl at the Rock Shows lack-of-timeline style. Regardless of this being... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Zita from Mayberian Sanskülotts

I love getting to know bands from other countries. It helps remind me just how large this world is but how much music can bring people together regardless of how many miles separate them. That's why I was so stoked... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Alex Baird

I'll be honest, "Lemon Tree" by Alex Baird is a bit more mature feeling than what I typically listen to but there's something just so interesting about the brand new single. It's quirky while having a very strong sense of... Continue Reading →

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