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An Interview with Pete Clark of Palamino

Life has been insane lately and I was supposed to push this interview (and subsequent single) from Palamino out a couple of weeks ago but here we are, typical Girl at the Rock Shows lack-of-timeline style. Regardless of this being... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Zita from Mayberian Sanskülotts

I love getting to know bands from other countries. It helps remind me just how large this world is but how much music can bring people together regardless of how many miles separate them. That's why I was so stoked... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Alex Baird

I'll be honest, "Lemon Tree" by Alex Baird is a bit more mature feeling than what I typically listen to but there's something just so interesting about the brand new single. It's quirky while having a very strong sense of... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Kat Koan

The amount of attitude and swagger I got from Kat Koan's new song "Lost Souls" had me sold on the first listen of the single. I loved the almost Riot Grrrl attitude and sound and knew I wanted to get... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Erik Happ of False Pockets

Everything about False Pockets' new single "Quarter Life Crisis Diaper" is just pure perfection. It's catchy, infectious, and feels fresh and new. It was love at first listen and, per usual, I just had to know about this Rochester, NY-based... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Taryn Hadfield

The song title of Taryn Hadfield's new single "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" had me absolutely sold. I loved everything about it and instantly wanted to know all there was to know about Taryn's Rubik's cube skills and Taco Bell preferences.... Continue Reading →

An Interview with OK Cool

It's been a while since I have interviewed someone but the second I heard the two songs that make up "Songs From The Spare Room" from OK Cool, I knew I needed to know about this band! The song is... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Adptd

Adptd’s (aka Josie Randle) new single “Scared” is beyond powerful. From the instrumentation to the lyrics to the overall delivery– I found myself just absolutely floored by the beauty and power that flows freely from this track. I wanted to... Continue Reading →

An Interview With K4YLEE

There's something both threatening and calming about K4YLEE's music. What do I mean? Well, I'm not quite sure to be honest. Her music has me a bit lost for words in the best way possible. The amount of power, sass,... Continue Reading →

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