Girl at the Rock Shows



I Would Never, Never, Never Wanna Be Young Again

When you start going to shows night after night, the excitement starts to wear off ever so slightly. Please note that I didn't say the magic. The magic is absolutely still there regardless of how many shows I've been to... Continue Reading →

That’s Why I Stay High and Holy

There for awhile, I felt like I was seeing Run The Jewels every couple of months. That's not at all a complaint but I absolutely took it for granted. I started missing their sets at festivals and not going out... Continue Reading →

End of Always

Spend my Sunday afternoon and early evening at Crooners Supper Club was awesome but I was so ready to get to my normal stomping grounds and one of my many home away from homes- The Turf Club. Although it's a... Continue Reading →

You’re So Much More Than Ordinary

Sunday was another double-header kind of night for me when it came to concerts. I had two completely different shows in two completely different settings and it made for a truly exciting and perfect way to end an already busy... Continue Reading →

You Have No Plans To Make Plans

There was a pretty epic little thunderstorm happening as I was getting ready to head to The Turf Club on Wednesday night. I was completely drenched from the extremely short walk from my house to my garage and it honestly... Continue Reading →

No Destination’s Too Far From Us Now

Some of you know, many of you don't but when I'm not doing shows and not working my day job, I am working as a booking agent for up and coming acts. Although I love doing it, it's a thankless... Continue Reading →

Death Is Sad But Love Is Scary

I needed a show on Monday night. I didn't care what kind of show it was, I just knew that I needed to feel a beat vibrate throughout my body and be taken away from the stress of the day.... Continue Reading →

TC Summer Fest Day #2

There was a haze hanging over the downtown Minneapolis skyline as I made the trek from my house to Target Field. It had me a bit worried about what the stadium would be like for day two of TC Summerfest... Continue Reading →

Living Dead Girl

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday. The friends I was with were some of the best. The music was solid. The stage presence was electric. What I'm trying to say is Saturday night at the amphitheater at Mystic Lake Casino... Continue Reading →

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