Girl at the Rock Shows



Bloodsuckers Ball

Friday night's show was super chill. Gregory Alan Isakov had me lost in a dream world with his calming music and it was truly beautiful but it definitely wasn't my normal kind of show. Saturday was definitely more my speed.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Put All These Words Away

The lines to get into The Palace Theatre on Friday night were longer than I've ever seen them. That made my heart so full. I have been a huge fan of South African born Gregory Alan Isakov for years and... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Finn of Left Iris

There's this very serious vibe surrounding Left Iris' debut single "New Room". That's not at all a bad thing but more just something a bit new to me and I'd be lying if I said that this song was love... Continue Reading →

Jake Knox – “Jake is Dead (Head Underwater)”

So many amazing singles came out today and one of them is Jake Knox's "Jake is Dead (Head Underwater)". Although the song kicks off with a super calm and soothing guitar line, it's not long before a full band kicks... Continue Reading →

Everywhere I Roam

Neither snow nor rain nor sleet nor "negative bullshit" as the vocalist of Ginny & The Fizz called it was going to keep me from The 7th Street Entry on Thursday night. It was cold-- really cold. Yes, I know... Continue Reading →

Stay Up Late – “Medusa”

There are so many great pop-punk tours being announced lately so it seems only fitting that I continue to go down my pop-punk rabbit hole that I've been going down. Today's feature is Stay Up Late and their new track... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Denver – “Miracle (Already Gone)”

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a great and productive morning! I know I am and Sleepless Denver's "Miracle (Already Gone)" is really hitting the spot this morning. The third song off of the band's "Bloom" LP,... Continue Reading →

Superswell – “I Don’t Believe It’s True”

I just impulsively bought tickets to a festival all the way down in Dallas, TX. Don't ask me how I'm getting there, where I'm staying, or even who is playing the festival-- I haven't gotten that far on this idea... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Noah of Civil Rebellion

I was absolutely hooked when I heard "nice to see, i still hate u." from Civil Rebellion. There was something nostalgic about the sound that instantly gave me Green Day vibes but also something super refreshing about it. I wanted... Continue Reading →

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