Girl at the Rock Shows



Underground Network

Although it's not completely obvious, I am an extremely political person. I tend to keep my views under wraps when it comes to friends and co-workers but I'm notorious for speaking my mind when I feel it needs to be... Continue Reading →


Wave Goodbye To The Past

Although shows are slowly but surely starting to pick up, something has been missing since the first of the year. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but, as soon as I walked into The Cabooze on Saturday night,... Continue Reading →

If You’re Gonna Do Wrong Buddy, Do Wrong Right

I went to last night's show because I was intrigued. With shows being a bit slower than usual, I've found myself going to anything that I think may be interesting and, with a band name like The Devil Makes Three--... Continue Reading →

I Fought The Law, But The Law Beat The Shit Out Of Me

After an amazing show on Wednesday night, I was ready for another. Although shows have been a bit slow due to the holidays, I am more than ready to jump back into my normal life of showsing every single night... Continue Reading →

I’m No Frank Sinatra

With majority of the holidays behind me, it's time to get back in the swing of things. Having gone nearly a week without a show, my withdrawal symptoms were out of control. My apartment is clean, I'm all caught up... Continue Reading →

Hey, Must Be The Money!

With a trip down to Iowa for the holidays in my future, I was willing to take any show I could get. I know that by the end of the weekend I will be going insane from too much family... Continue Reading →

Gucci Gang

Yesterday was a terrible day. I mean, it was bad. With drama going on in my personal life, a hit from a friend that completely caught me off guard and had me on my ass, and too much going on... Continue Reading →

Let’s Wear A Fanny Pack!

I tried to drink off this terrible sore throat on Friday when I was at the Thrice/ Circa Survive show with all of my friends. What?! That's not the craziest idea I've had! Alcohol kills infection! I though that, with... Continue Reading →

And This Time I’ll Get It Right

Last night was more than just a concert. It was a night spent with friends that I don't get to see at much as I'd like. A night full of laughs, drinks, food, and music. It was like the good... Continue Reading →

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