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The New Dark Ages

My hands are dyed red and my eyes are still a bit bloodshot. My legs feel like spaghetti and my face looks a bit streaky. You know what this all means-- Monday night was Gwar night! It's one of those... Continue Reading →

Coat of Arms – “Generation”

I am still trying to get over the stunning and dazzling performance I got from Sam Smith last night. I know their music isn't my normal listen but it was a stellar show that left me lost in all of... Continue Reading →

Harvest the Lost – “Cast Into The Lake Ov Fire”

I'm feeling like heavy music today. I'm not sure why but it's just hitting the spot so, naturally, I want to share some of these heavy songs with you and right now, I just can not get enough of Harvest... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody

To those that think all metal bands sound the same-- I wish you would have been at First Avenue on Wednesday night. It was a perfect showing of how metal comes in many different forms and moods and also a... Continue Reading →

Soul Conductor

Things were a lot different when I started this blog eight years ago. Wow. That just seems crazy to type out. I have been doing this for eight years and, like it or not, there's no end in sight for... Continue Reading →

here/now – “Partial Permanent”

Today has been a bit of a struggle for me mentally. I won't get into the nitty gritty details but we all have those days from time to time so I feel like you know what I'm saying. Unfortunately, I... Continue Reading →

Systems & Stories – “Osage”

Somehow it's already 11AM. I don't know where the day is going but I would like some of that time back because I have so much to do. My normal playlists of upbeat indie pop hits just aren't quite hitting... Continue Reading →

I Won’t Wither Away

There have been a lot of great shows so far this year but Tuesday night was my first time at a metalcore show in a long while. Metalcore is one of those genres that I hold near and dear to... Continue Reading →

Insane, Over the Top

What do you do when you celebrate 40 years of a band? You throw a party. You get your favorite beer (shout out to Surly), radio station (shout out to the amazing people at KFAI), and other local bands involved... Continue Reading →

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