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The Sweet Colleens- ’10 Mona Lisas’

The Sweet Coleens' album '10 Mona Lisas' has been sitting on my desk for well over a year now. I honestly don't know why I haven't reviewed it other than it has just never spoken to me before but tonight,... Continue Reading →

Phoenicia- ‘Stranded’

Phoenicia recently submitted a single for me to shout out on my social media accounts. The song was just a little too slow and somber for my mood the day that he submitted it but it intrigued me. There was... Continue Reading →

Present Company- ‘Talking On Couches’

Some shows are starting to be announced for up here in Minneapolis and it has me finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that has been this past year. With the announcement of shows, small local fests,... Continue Reading →

The Persian Leaps- ‘Electrical Living’

My music ADD has been off the charts all day. I just can't figure out what I want to listen to and, now that I'm sitting at my computer to work on reviews, I realize that I'm still feeling that.... Continue Reading →

A Better Hand- ‘Cheap Smokes and Champagne’

I feel out of touch. Maybe it's the lack of live concerts but I just feel like there are so many bands from the Twin Cities that I get emails about but have never heard of before. A Better Hand... Continue Reading →

Dave Sandersfeld- ‘Somewhere in the Dark’

Coming out with a new EP in the middle of a pandemic has to be rough. Sure, people can cover it for you but you don't get that giant release party that I'm sure is much wanted. Dave Sandersfeld released... Continue Reading →

Paul Michell- ‘Break The Fall’

I'm at the point where I'm tired but I'm not. You know what I mean, right? I should really start winding down with a book in bed but my mind is telling me that I still have enough energy to... Continue Reading →

Liam Moore- ‘Visions of a Perfect Life’

It's the kind of cold tonight that you just can't seem to shake. I have the heat cranked up far higher than my wallet would like but I'm still sitting here shivering. Honestly, I just need something warm to listen... Continue Reading →

Amanda B. Perry- ‘By Special Request’

The cover of Amanda B. Perry's 'By Special Request' is just absolutely gorgeous. There's no other way to put it. I honestly think I've been putting off reviewing this one just because I like having it sitting on my desk... Continue Reading →

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