Girl at the Rock Shows



I Don’t Wanna Think About A Day Without You

After spending some time in the First Avenue Mainroom for the Slaughter Beach, Dog and Bonny Doon show, it was time to make the 20 foot trek down to the more intimate 7th Street Entry. I know I've said this... Continue Reading →

We Will Never Be Like Anybody Else

Note to self: Make sure to check the University of Minnesota's sports schedule before covering a show at The Varsity Theater. For those who aren't local, The Varsity is a super cute venue (with legendary bathrooms that make you feel... Continue Reading →

Cause It Get Cold Like Minnesota

I entered a whole new world on Thursday night when I walked into The Fillmore for the Lil Yachty show. Don't get me wrong, I've done rap shows before but something just felt a bit different about Thursday night. The... Continue Reading →

‘Cause Everybody Loves A Girl Who Does What She Wants

I'm not typically one for pop shows. I feel like they're typically unoriginal and full of smoke and mirrors. If you asked me to classify Gayle into one genre, it would definitely be pop yet I was absolutely thrilled to... Continue Reading →

Take All You Can Find In Me

It will never fail to surprise me how a single show can completely transport you to another time. That's exactly what happened on Sunday night at The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. I was super excited for this show and knew... Continue Reading →

Oh F*$%, It’s A Werewolf

I used to get so excited about Halloween. I don't know what happened. I blame life getting in the way but I feel like it honestly didn't hit me that Halloween is next week. Thankfully, my pick for a show... Continue Reading →

Clidesfeld – ‘You Can Help It’

Although local, I have never heard of Minneapolis-based Clidesfeld before. That being said, just one look at the album cover for their brand new 'You Can Help It' album and I was intrigued. It's full of color and the little... Continue Reading →

So Open Up Your Mouth And Scream It Out

I'm finally starting to come back to life after my weekend spent in Las Vegas for the When We Were Young festival. I'm not a spring chicken anymore and my body ached so badly when I got back. I honestly... Continue Reading →

There’s Never Been A Love Like This Before

I really thought Wednesday night was going to be the night that my best friend would usher new life into this world. I was excited but also a bit bummed as I was super excited for the show that I... Continue Reading →

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