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Happy Landing / Harbor & Home

I talked about my hesitation regarding reviewing Harbor & Home last time I covered them in March. You can read that whole review HERE but I can also just tell you my dilemma- The bassist is my boyfriend and I'm... Continue Reading →

I’m Always Running Out Of Time

The one birthday present I give myself every year is a couple of days off from shows. I know that seems insane. Most people want to go out on their birthday but, as someone who is out almost every night,... Continue Reading →

In The Mouths of Giants

My Monday night was split between two different worlds. Upstairs in the First Avenue mainroom was an indie-pop show full of people who had clearly spent some time getting ready for the night and were ready to be seen. Downstairs... Continue Reading →

Brace For The Impact

Monday night was another double-header kind of night. It's just too hard to resist working two shows when they are literally just a couple of stairs away from each other. As I walked into the First Avenue Mainroom already wearing... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Surprised When Things Aren’t What They Seem

I'm starting to feel a little burnt out. It has been non-stop shows and, although it's an amazing life to live, I'm definitely feeling a bit tired and just a wee bit over it. That being said, I knew there... Continue Reading →

Take A Chance And Roll The Bones

Mother Nature has it out for me these days. My gut told me I wasn't going to see Sublime With Rome on Thursday night so I was prepared for that but I was not prepared for her to mess with... Continue Reading →

Feel The Break And I Got To Live It Up

My gut told me something was going to happen on Thursday night weather-wise to affect the show but I tried to be optimistic. At times, when driving out to Somerset, Wisconsin, the sun would be shining and I would lose... Continue Reading →

Vilamoura – ‘Buried Alive’

I had a couple of shows lined up for tonight but they were all outside and, honestly, it's just too dang hot out for me to survive. Maybe it's the PTSD from the So What?! Music Festival down in Texas... Continue Reading →

I Would Never, Never, Never Wanna Be Young Again

When you start going to shows night after night, the excitement starts to wear off ever so slightly. Please note that I didn't say the magic. The magic is absolutely still there regardless of how many shows I've been to... Continue Reading →

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