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An Interview With Anchen Ji

The sweetness in Anchen Ji's new song is almost sickening in all of the right ways. I'll be honest, the first time I heard "Wait It Out", I wasn't sold but, as the song played on, I started to feel... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Penny Bank

Everything about Penny Bank intrigued me. On a mission to record 20,000 songs by recording 14 daily, songs about everything and nothing at all-- I wanted to know more. I'll be the first to admit that the first time I... Continue Reading →

DISCOΛERIES – “Cut To the Chase”

If "Cut To the Chase" from DISCOΛERIES doesn't hook you right off the bat then I don't know what's wrong with you. Right from the top you can tell how much power this track is going to have and it... Continue Reading →

I Know I Won’t Be Leaving Here With You

There were a million things happening throughout the Twin Cities on Saturday night. From almost all of the sports teams playing in town to a giant arena show in Saint Paul and virtually every other club filled with music, it... Continue Reading →

An Interview With AIRPORTS

AIRPORTS (born Aaron Lee) had done a little bit of everything. From singing to writing to producing and engineering, this kid is truly making waves in the music scene. His sound is familiar without being overdone and, although commercial feeling... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Alex Baird

I'll be honest, "Lemon Tree" by Alex Baird is a bit more mature feeling than what I typically listen to but there's something just so interesting about the brand new single. It's quirky while having a very strong sense of... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Warpaint On

Shows can be a super personal thing for me. There are certain acts that I refuse to take anyone with me to see just because I need that, sorry to be dramatic, religious experience. Dave Hause is one of those... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Taryn Hadfield

The song title of Taryn Hadfield's new single "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" had me absolutely sold. I loved everything about it and instantly wanted to know all there was to know about Taryn's Rubik's cube skills and Taco Bell preferences.... Continue Reading →

An Interview with OK Cool

It's been a while since I have interviewed someone but the second I heard the two songs that make up "Songs From The Spare Room" from OK Cool, I knew I needed to know about this band! The song is... Continue Reading →

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