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Project Revise – “Free Fall”

My day isn't getting any better but I am trying to keep a positive attitude and "Free Fall" from Project Revise is hitting the spot because of that. "Free Fall" is one of those tracks that, as soon as it... Continue Reading →

Rare Tones – “You”

I love songs that can have a million different meanings and that's what you get with "You" from Rare Tones. This song is about "You" which could mean yourself, your friend, your partner, your sibling, your coworker-- I mean, this... Continue Reading →

Ominous Duck – “Dude That’s My Bike”

I'm out of witty or insightful things to say right now. Honestly, I'm just on a roll with getting work stuff done and checking out some amazing singles while doing it so why try and muddy that up. Let's just... Continue Reading →

Midnight Siren – “I Wanna”

I've had some people ask me why I share songs out that are super old. The answer is simple-- if it's new to me, it's new to some of you and, regardless of age, I like to share good music.... Continue Reading →

Bleach the Sky – “Pixelated”

I don't have a witty intro right now but, with a song as perfect as "Pixelated" from Bleach the Sky, I feel like an intro is just not necessary. There's nothing super extreme or super intense about "Pixelated" but that's... Continue Reading →

Light Atomic – “Vegas”

My friends and I finally got our hotel room in Las Vegas for When We Were Young so I feel like checking out Light Atomic's track titled "Vegas" is only fitting at this point. Most of the tracks I've been... Continue Reading →

Des Rocs – ‘Dream Machine’

Something about the cover and title of Des Rocs' new album 'Dream Machine' is calling to me right now. Maybe it's because I feel like I've been stuck in dream land with all of the sleeping I've been doing lately... Continue Reading →

Shawn Mocey – “One O’clock”

It's not "One O'clock" yet but I'm counting down the minutes. It's the day before a holiday weekend which means the day job has been (and will continue to be) super slow. Because of that, my motivation to do anything... Continue Reading →

Bunny Slope – “Water Slide”

Let's continue on with this rapid fire round of single shout outs. This next one is coming in hot from Stockholm-based Bunny Slope. This one is going to seem a bit out of left-field for me but, trust me, give... Continue Reading →

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