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The Messenger Birds- ‘Everything Has To Fall Apart Eventually’

I have no explanation as to why but today was a rough mental health day for me. I was feeling frustrated and crabby over everything that happened today and started feeling pessimistic about the future of, well, everything. There's no... Continue Reading →

Homecamp- ‘Did We Return As Something Else’

Overall, I've had a great weekend. I got a lot of stuff done including cleaning my house from top to bottom and getting caught up on some work stuff but I'm ending this Sunday with a lot of anxiety. I... Continue Reading →

Macseal- ‘Super Enthusiast’

I should be spending my Saturday morning working but I honestly just can't find the concentration. I honestly can't find the concentration for anything right now. Maybe it's an abundance of sleep or the copious amounts of coffee going through... Continue Reading →

City Mouth- ‘Coping Machine’

Well, we made it to 2021. What a weird feeling. I'm trying to be hopelessly optimistic about what this new year will bring but we are a few days in and nothing has changed including my motivation to get anything... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Satellite- ‘Sunshine Satellite’

I have gotten used to getting random packages full of CD's and even LP's for review but I was a little taken aback when I opened one of my latest packages to find a cassette tape. I was intrigued and... Continue Reading →

Floordbird- ‘Fall Apart Anywhere’

The title of Floorbird's new EP spoke to me when going through my list of albums to review. 'Fall Apart Anywhere'. That's kind of my motto these days. I feel like I can have a breakdown at any given time... Continue Reading →

Safe Hands- ‘Highs & Lows’

How is it that I seem so busy but have nothing to do? It's crazy to me that we are already midway through December even though August feels like just weeks ago. Regardless, I apologize to all you readers. I... Continue Reading →

Equipment- ‘All You Admire’

It's snowing outside. Not just like pretty, glittery snow-- we are talking snow snow. The kind the comes with the wind that makes being outside painful. It's because of that that I was unable to get together with a friend... Continue Reading →

Birdsall- ‘Hot Money’

Even though Birdsall was raised in Minneapolis, I have never heard his name but, then again, it seems like he has been much more of a "name in the background" rather than a mega-artist with his name in lights. He... Continue Reading →

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