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Twin Cities – “Peace”

Of course I fell for a song from a band named Twin Cities. I mean, that's where I call home and it's a place I hold near and dear to my heart. They have me hook line and sinker and... Continue Reading →

Zach Spound – ‘In This Body’

I just spilled an entire pitcher of ice tea in my kitchen. It was my bad. I wasn't paying attention and the top of the pitcher popped off as I was pouring my drink. Why am I telling you this?... Continue Reading →

Smooch – “Men With Wagons Pt. 2”

For better or for worse, we've made it to another Monday so let's celebrate by checking out "Men With Wagons Pt. 2" from Smooth. Right off this bat, this track caught me. There is just something fresh and energetic about... Continue Reading →

Indications – “casie”

Right off the bat, "casie" from Indications hooked me. Although it starts off just instrumental, I was instantly drawn in by the emotion that comes in through the power of the opening of this track and it only got better... Continue Reading →

Grimm Winter – “Vagabonds”

To say it has been a "Grimm Winter" for some would be an understatement. It's mid- March and we have another winter storm that could dump inches of snow on us tomorrow. For me, I love it and think that... Continue Reading →

Apaolo – “Wasted”

I know that it's only Thursday and we still have a day and a half until we hit the real "weekend" but that doesn't mean we can't spend some time with an anthemic party track that is perfect for, well,... Continue Reading →

Jake Kulak & The Modern Vandals – “Caution Tape”

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's kind of a gloomy and dark day up here in Minneapolis today but "Caution Tape" from Jake Kulak & The Modern Vandals has my house feeling bright and full of life. This song is the perfect... Continue Reading →

stop.drop.rewind – “Dinosaur Bones”

stop.drop.rewind mentioned that they had so much fun writing and recording "Dinosaur Bones" and I feel like that comes through went listen to this amazing single. With a blend of too many early 2000s pop-punk bands to list, this song... Continue Reading →

Fritz Hager – “Caroline”

I don't typically pay attention to American Idol. Back in the day, I thought it was awesome but I feel like it's kind of a dead show and not really relevant anymore. That all changed when I heard Fritz Hager's... Continue Reading →

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