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No More Winters – ‘Sedentary Nomads’

I've been saving this album for a snowy day but apparently, we aren't getting those right now up here in Minneapolis. I'm a bit bummed. I know most people don't like the winters up here with how cold and snowy... Continue Reading →

Canary Complex – ‘When I Say Rain…’

Happy Tofurkey day, everyone! Regardless of how you spend it, I hope you have a fabulous day. Personally, I love using this day to get caught up on work, cleaning, and, of course, making a delicious tofurkey. The only thing... Continue Reading →

Cheap City – ‘Tanked For Jupiter’

Happy Monday, everyone! I know a lot of people don't like Mondays but I, for one, love them. I always feel motivated and it's as if the week hasn't gotten me down yet so I'm optimistic and ready to take... Continue Reading →

Chris Mardini – ‘Chris Mardini’

I've gotten very used to random packages showing up at my door full of amazing music to listen to but one that stood out for me was the package from Chris Mardini. Not only did it have his new self-titled... Continue Reading →

Betty Moon – ‘COSMICOMA’

Is this daylight savings time kicking anyone else's butt? I don't know why but I feel more exhausted than usual and, with it getting dark by 5, I'm just struggling to keep up with things and even stay awake. Regardless,... Continue Reading →

Native Space – ‘Native Space’

Okay, this EP has been sitting on my list since June and I feel terrible about it but it just never spoke to me until now. Something about the cover is telling me that this is exactly what I need... Continue Reading →

Velvet Two Stripes – ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea’

It's a Monday morning and I'm feeling oddly energetic and refreshed. Not quite sure what that's all about but why question a good thing? With this unexpected boost of energy and motivation, I figured now was a good time to... Continue Reading →

Loss Leader – ‘True North’

The cover of Loss Leader's new album 'True North' is eye-catching and perfect. Honestly, it looks like a piece of art I would get tattooed on me. A classic style with smooth lines and bold colors, I instantly started speculating... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Nolan Gardner of Two Good Eyes

I fell in love with Two Good Eyes when I first listened to "Prolly Not". Although this is only the first single from the band, it had me intrigued and impressed. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything else for me to... Continue Reading →

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