Girl at the Rock Shows



Comfortably Dumb, Endearing To Some

I am a creature of habit. I like "my spots", "my bartenders", and "my bathroom" at "my venues". It may shock you to find out (although it won't be a shock if you actually know me) that I am a... Continue Reading →

A Dying Green Star

According to Big Ups' singer Joe Galarraga, Sriracha mayo, cumin, and marinara were the flavors brought to the 7th Street Entry last night. Joe literally asked a member of each band what flavor they thought they brought to the table... Continue Reading →

The Idiots Are Taking Over

The first time I heard NOFX, the country¬†was in turmoil. George W Bush was about to be elected as president and I found myself getting involved in many protests and anti-war organizations. I was only in high school. I was... Continue Reading →

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