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Deep Tissue- ‘Patience Or Fear’

Welp- It's snowing. I guess I honestly shouldn't be surprised since I do live in Minnesota but, to have snowfall before Halloween is just plain mean and honestly the icing on the cake to this year. That being said, I'm... Continue Reading →

Empty Beings- ‘Dead & Pathetic’

Today was a typical Sunday but I felt more motivated than usual. I got so much done around the house and even remembered to water my plants and make myself dinner. All of this adulting has me drained but I... Continue Reading →

Ky Vöss- ‘Space Cadet’

There’s something eerily intriguing about the cover of Ky Vöss’ ‘Space Cadet’ album. A nearly sheer blueish, greenish, greyish piece of fabric covers their face while a tin foil crown adorns their head. Without doing any research into Ky or... Continue Reading →

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