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Night Jobs – ‘Never Happener’

The local band Night Jobs has been on my list to check out for some time. Sadly, my concert schedule never quite seems to match up with what they have going on but that didn't stop them from reaching out... Continue Reading →

Water Weight – ‘Deco Swamp’

I've really been slacking on these album reviews and I am seriously so sorry! I know every time I start a post off with that, I promise that I will do better but that's just not working so I make... Continue Reading →

Subconscious Culture – ‘What Separates Us’

I promise I will get better at getting more reviews out on a more regular basis. Things have just been lately and honestly life has been getting the best of me but after spending a weekend with my dad and... Continue Reading →

Loss Leader – ‘True North’

The cover of Loss Leader's new album 'True North' is eye-catching and perfect. Honestly, it looks like a piece of art I would get tattooed on me. A classic style with smooth lines and bold colors, I instantly started speculating... Continue Reading →

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