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rise against

We Live On Front Porches And Swing Life Away

For some reason, the low ticket alerts I kept on seeing regarding the show on Wednesday night had me excited. I honestly don't know why. Typically I get annoyed at sold-out shows just due to the problems it creates when... Continue Reading →

Or Is It All A Dream?

Last night was one of those feel good type of shows. With good friends by my side (some of which I hadn't seen in years) and a cold drink in my hand, I watched in awe as bands that I've... Continue Reading →

There’s Hope In These Footsteps Of Persistence

Some bands have a strange, almost cult-like following. I love it. I love finding myself at shows amidst the die-hard fan base and being a bit of a fly on the wall. I love the conversations I hear about who... Continue Reading →

We Scream The Loudest While Saying Nothing

Most people look at a concert as a full bill. They look at all of the bands that are playing and decide if the show is worth the ticket price. Not me. There were three bands on the bill last... Continue Reading →

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