Most people look at a concert as a full bill. They look at all of the bands that are playing and decide if the show is worth the ticket price.

Not me.

There were three bands on the bill last night. There was one band that I could tolerate and wouldn’t mind experiencing live. There was one band that I absolutely could not tolerate. There was one band I have been dying to see live. The ticket price was right around $45 after all the fees. Most people would say no, $45 is not worth it to see one band that has an opening set and will probably only play 30 minutes. Those people are idiots.

Can you really put a price on that one band you’ve been dying to see? I say nay.

I only wanted to see one band last night. Letlive. They’ve been on my bucket list for a little over a year now. I’ve heard about their live shows and how crazy they get. Jason, their singer, is notorious for climbing anything and everything he can find. Last May, they played a show in Georgia where Jason had climbed up the balcony of the venue and sang a whole song while clutching to the side of said balcony. That set was cut short due to safety concerns. Ever since then, I knew this was a band I HAD to see live. Letlive. didn’t let me down last night. The music was great. The energy was unreal and Jason was back to climbing anything and everything he could.

This show was held outside at The Cabooze outdoor plaza which is just a fancy name for the parking lot between The Cabooze and Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis. The stage was sandwiched between the wall of The Whiskey Junction and the fence that surrounds the patio of The Cabooze. Jason went for it. He started walking to the side of the stage closest to the fence. At first, I thought he was going to start climbing the frame of the stage. Instead, he climbed the fence and ended up with half of his body over the fence singing to the people in the patio of The Cabooze. All the crowd could see were his legs dangling on the other side of the fence. He never missed a word, never missed a beat.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jason ended up in the pit at one point. He warned the crowd that if the mosh pit wasn’t sufficient, he would get down there and show them how it’s done. That’s exactly what he did. He jumped down from the stage, climbed over the first couple rows of people, and pushed and shoved the people who seemed to be trying to conserve their energy for the headlining acts. I definitely understand wanting to conserve you energy for other acts but come on, this was the best band of the night.

If you know me, you know that I am extremely opinionated when it comes to music. If I love a band, I LOVE them. If I hate a band, I absolutely HATE them. I HATE Killswitch Engage. They never did anything bad to me, but I hate them. I hate their music, I hate the way they look, I hate their fans, and now I can say I hate their live show. I’m a firm believer in the idea that a band can be completely different live than they are on CD. That’s the only reason I stayed at the show, well that and my roommate wanted to stay and see the other bands (Good god she has the worst taste in music!). I was hoping that Killswitch Engage would do something that would make it click for me. Make me understand why people love them so much. They didn’t. They got up on stage, played their songs, and then got off. Remember that post about radio rock? Wash, rinse, repeat. I hate it.

Rise Against was the headliner. I had been wanting to see them live. I don’t mind their music but it’s not my favorite. I was waiting for that “a-ha” moment of seeing them live to sway me either one way or the other. They were fine. They sounded like the CD. Yeah, they have some catchy songs, their singer has a good voice. Meh, I don’t hate them, I wouldn’t pay $45 to see them though. They got up, played their songs, got the crowd going, and left. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I spent $45 to see one band play a thirty minute set and suffered through the last two bands. Letlive. killed it last night and made all of the suffering worth it.

I regret nothing.

Line Up:


Killswitch Engage

Rise Against

Venue: Cabooze Outdoor Plaza

Sausage Fest Meter- 12 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 24

Crowd Surfers- 26

Spotted Flying Through The Sky- Bottles, Ice Cubes, 1 lonely shoe

Broken Bones- None

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- None

Found in the Pit- These kids wouldn’t know what a pit was if they got stuck in the middle of one