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The Lemon Drop Gang- ‘I’m Not The One!’

It smells like rain outside but it's snowing. So that's how my Sunday is going. How about yours? I need a little pick me up this afternoon so here's looking at you The Lemon Drop Gang! Let's see if 'I'm... Continue Reading →

The Cheap Cassettes- ‘See Her In Action!’

I need something to give me my second wind. I'm tired but have too much to do to be this tired already. Although the cover of The Cheap Cassettes' 'See Her In Action!' is fairly straightforward, there's something about it... Continue Reading →

The Shang Hi Los- ‘Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit’

Happy Wednesday everybody! I've been on a bit of a review roll lately so why stop now? I honestly have no particular taste for anything music-wise. I just want something fun and upbeat. Thankfully, my buddy at Rum Bar Records... Continue Reading →

Hayley and the Crushers- ‘Fun Sized’

The amount of fun that can be felt just from looking at the cover on this album is all I needed to decide to cover this one tonight. The bright colors and then the fun picture of Hayley jumping with... Continue Reading →

Geoff Palmer- ‘Pulling Out All The Stops’

I don't have a particular taste for anything right now when it comes to music. All I know is that it's a Monday night around 7 PM and I'm already debating going to bed. Needless to say, I could use... Continue Reading →

Spanking Charlene- ‘Find Me Out’

So far today I've cleaned the house, gotten [mostly] caught up on emails, and have drunk all of the water that my Fitbit has demanded of me. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good and pretty accomplished so, to celebrate, I decided... Continue Reading →

Zipgun Bomber- ‘Paper Airplanes EP’

We are less than a week away from election night (have you voted?!?!). To say tensions are high would be an understatement and I feel like we are all just kind of wandering around in this weird haze due to... Continue Reading →

The Right Here- ‘Stick To The Plan’

I won't lie- I've been listening to very little outside of the new Machine Gun Kelly album. Yes, I realize that I have blasted MGK before in live show reviews but he really nails it on this new album. I... Continue Reading →

Freddie Dilevi- ‘Teenager’s Heartbreak’

The cover of Freddie Dilevi's 'Teenager's Heartbreak' is eye catching to say the least. The bright colors and the almost pop-art styled art. I have been excited to check this one out ever since it hit my desk but life... Continue Reading →

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