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The Idolizers- ‘The Idolizers’

It's crazy to me how quickly the season is changing from summer to fall. It seems like just last week it was light out until 9PM and now it's 7PM and already starting to get dark. I feel like this... Continue Reading →

Jerry Lehane- ‘Jerry Lehane’

It's a weird night for me. I'm somehow energized while being exhausted at the same time. I could honestly just go to bed right now and probably sleep through the night but it's not even seven and I feel like... Continue Reading →

Jay Allen and the Archcriminals- ‘Fun Is Fun, The Trilogy is Done.’

"It really is impossible to listen to without smiling, and here with The Archcriminals, he might have masterminded his greatest heist." - Maximum Volume Music. That's the quote that drew me to Jay Allen and the Archcriminals new album 'Fun... Continue Reading →

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