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“It’s Me And The Moon,” She Says

A normal question I get from friends and people who know what I do in my free time is, "Doesn't seeing the same band over and over again get old?" Well, the answer is complicated. For most bands the answer... Continue Reading →

Punk Rock Princess

There are certain people that I will never miss when they come to town. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen them or what project they come to town with, I will be there. Andrew McMahon is one of... Continue Reading →

Have You Ever Been Alone In A Crowded Room?

The year was 2003 or 2004. My hair was the brightest shade of pink it would ever be and my favorite outfit was my plaid pants matched with a black t-shirt from The Alley in Chicago that my dad had... Continue Reading →

Tonight You’re Perfect

Andrew McMahon said it best last night. "Leave your problems on the other side of that door!" he said as he pointed towards the doors of First Avenue. Yesterday was a bad day at work. It was one of those... Continue Reading →

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