Girl at the Rock Shows


The Armory

I’m Never Gonna Give This Back

You know when you've been talking about something and then get online to find ads for said thing or something similar? That's what happened to me this morning. As I walked out of the Pitbull infused playlist that my spin... Continue Reading →

We’re The Seven Deadly Sins

If you've ever been with me for an extended amount of time when playing music is an option, you've probably been left with a few questions. How am I able to go from the darkest of death metal to the... Continue Reading →

Not Much Has Changed But They Lived Underwater

It wasn't until our Uber driver got close to The Armory that my friend Jessica and I realized what we had gotten ourselves into. The line stretched for blocks on blocks and when we got out of the Uber our... Continue Reading →

I’m In The Business Of Misery

With last minute approval for a festival out of town this weekend, my Thursday was full of stress and headache as I tried to play for the last minute trip. I knew that I needed a show to calm down.... Continue Reading →

Rivers and Roads

The venues in The Twin Cities have become my home away from home. Hell, I spend more time at venues than I do at my own apartment majority of the year so I like to feel comfortable and at home... Continue Reading →

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