It wasn’t until our Uber driver got close to The Armory that my friend Jessica and I realized what we had gotten ourselves into. The line stretched for blocks on blocks and when we got out of the Uber our excited conversations about how we wanted the night to go quickly hushed into a conversation of pessimism and disappointment. I mean, we didn’t know what 8,000 people stretched into a line would look like but we were damn sure this was more than that. Jessica’s excitement leading up to last night was all I needed. I bucked up, got us a spot in line and we stood there contemplating what we would do. Go back home and drink more? Go to a bar? I entertained her ideas but knew there was no way we were leaving this line. We were going to see the free Jonas Brothers show one way or another.

Yes, you read that right, a free Jonas Brothers show happened here in Minneapolis last night for the Final Four basketball games (and it just happened to be their first real show in about six years). Now, I’m not a huge Jonas Brothers fan. Sure, I know some of the songs but they were a bit after my time and I was drenched in sinister black clothing and lost in a world of metal by the time they hit the scene. This was definitely Jessica’s jam and her excitement kept me excited about whatever we were about to get into. With my bladder about to explode, Jessica and I found ways to keep ourselves entertained as the line moved slowly but surely for about an hour. Deep down I was thinking, there’s no way. It’s going to be at capacity by the time we get up there so I started planning what we could do so Jessica didn’t get too bummed out. The people in line were getting closer and closer together. “There’s no room for Jesus tonight!” yelled the security and staff that were herding us into the gated area for tickets. We were there. I saw the Armory. I saw the ticket scanners. Were we really about to pull this off?! A free first come, first served Jonas Brothers concert and we were going to get in?!

First stop- the bathroom. Second stop- the bar. Third stop- HOLY SHIT WE ARE HERE! The energy in the hangar like building that is the beautiful Armory was electric. Elle King was on stage when we entered performing her beautiful music that leans a bit more to country but still very much has a pop element to it. I truly feel bad for Elle. She is an absolute doll and has an amazingly powerful voice but opening up for The Jonas Brothers’ first show in six years is a lose-lose situation. The crowd was clearly ready for the band of brothers and really just didn’t care much about Elle’s set. To be honest, I was a bit wrapped up in all the hysteria as well but am definitely more excited to see Elle at the 80/35 Festival in Des Moines, Iowa because now I know that she deserves all of my attention.

As Elle left the stage, she was replaced by some goon who spent a half hour amping up the crowd that clearly needed to amping up. Jessica and I just stood there taking it all in while drinking our over-priced drinks with giant smiles on our faces. As the lights went down and the stage was emptied the crowd erupted into the most deafening roar I had ever heard. And then, just like that, there they were. The one and only Jonas Brothers. Again, not a die hard fan like 80% of the females in the venue but it was impossible to not get wrapped up in the excitement. Instantly phones were up in the air I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the first one to get Instagram videos of this show?! I looked over at Jessica who was clearly in her own little world singing along to every song while sloshing her drink around. Just like Friday night with Bret Michaels, I may have not been into it but being able to see a good friend having the time of her life at an event we that just a couple of hours prior we thought we would never be in was all I needed to tell me that last night was an unforgettable one.

The Jonas Brothers played for nearly 90 minutes leaving no stone unturned. With high energy and a clear love for what they were doing, I fell more and more with in love with this boy band with each song. Definitely a bit too pop for my liking, there were certain songs and elements that I could definitely see myself listening to in the future and I may or may not be scouring their discography for those songs this morning. Thankfully, they played their one song that I just can’t seem to get enough of, “Year 3000”. That’s when I felt like I was finally able to have a moment. Jessica and I screamed those lyrics like freaking idiots with no shame. Then, after playing their new hit “Sucker”, it was all done and we were being ushered out to the bustling streets of Minneapolis.

Last night was the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime. From seeing the lengthy line and thinking, “Shit, there’s no way.” To getting to the front of the line and realizing “We did this!”. To standing there watching a monumental show and thinking “Damn, this is amazing!”— It still shocks me that I get to do things like this and live in a city that has events like this. From growing up in Des Moines, Iowa to big city living, last night was one of those nights where at one point I just sat back and thought to myself, “Someone pinch me!”

I honestly don’t know if either of us would have stuck it out in that line had Jessica and I  had been alone. Go to stupid shit with your friends and support them so they can have the time of their lives. I’ve done it for the past two nights and have ended up with two nights that will not soon be forgotten.

Line Up:

Elle King

Jonas Brothers

Venue: The Armory

Sausage Fest Meter- 1 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 27

Crowd Surfers- Couldn’t See

Karaoke-Ability- 9.1 out of 10

Stage Divers- None

Broken Bones- 0

Spotted Flying Through The Air- Nothing

Fights- 0

Pukers- 0

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- 9

Celebrity Sightings- Andy Holmaas

Overall Score- 9.1 out of 10

Show on Deck- Broods/ Bad Sounds

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