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Hold On To Love

I have to be honest, I almost didn't write about my show on Thursday night. My relationship with the headliner band is a bit complicated but can most simply be put into the words- My boyfriend is the bassist. That... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t You

The question of "Who run the world?" was answered loud and clear at The Turf Club on Thursday night. Girls. We run this mutha... okay, that's as deep as my Beyonce references go but, really, Thursday night was a clear... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow If You’re Living Today

I was captivated by the stage as soon as I walked into The Turf Club on Tuesday night. There wasn't even anyone on it yet but it was beyond full of gear. Two full drum kits, multiple keyboards, amps-- everything... Continue Reading →

Meet Me In The Bottom

When someone would ask me what show I had on Thursday night, I felt the need to preface my answer with, "It's not my typical thing but it's just so dang good." As I drove to The Turf Club in... Continue Reading →

Insane, Over the Top

What do you do when you celebrate 40 years of a band? You throw a party. You get your favorite beer (shout out to Surly), radio station (shout out to the amazing people at KFAI), and other local bands involved... Continue Reading →

True North

Nothing super exciting happened at The Turf Club on Thursday night but that's what made it such a stellar show. Other than a movie playing in the background during the opening act that had both the band, myself, and many... Continue Reading →

Bloodsuckers Ball

Friday night's show was super chill. Gregory Alan Isakov had me lost in a dream world with his calming music and it was truly beautiful but it definitely wasn't my normal kind of show. Saturday was definitely more my speed.... Continue Reading →

The Church of Cash

There were a couple of shows on Saturday night that I would have loved to be at. From The Plot In You playing a sold-out show at Amsterdam in Saint Paul to Impaler's Merry Krampus celebration at the gorgeous Hook... Continue Reading →

I’m Poor Until Payday

It started snowing as soon as I left the house on Friday night. Typically, this wouldn't bug me. I'm the type of person that understands that we live in Minnesota and snow happens so it's just part of life but... Continue Reading →

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