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Welcome To The Jungle

I am always on the lookout for interesting shows. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every show I go to night after night but I always look forward to a show that I feel will mix things up and that's... Continue Reading →

We Can Rock and Roll Any Day

I was feeling energized and excited as I walked into The Turf Club on Wednesday night. I was reaching my burnout point last week if I'm being completely honest and a couple of days off from concerts made me realize... Continue Reading →

An Eye For An Eye And We’ll All Be Blind

So far this week I have seen a pop songstress, a couple pop-punk icons, and a local singer-songwriter. My week has been a bit all over the place so it only made sense that I spent my Friday night being... Continue Reading →

Head To Toe In Hello Kitty Things

It was the name that drew me to my concert of choice on Monday night. I'm honestly not sure why but something about the way Slayyyter was spelled with three y's just really spoke to me? I'm not kidding there,... Continue Reading →

Backlash Just Because

Do you ever dream about inviting some of your favorite bands to play an intimate show just for you and your friends? Well, that's exactly what 3 Floyds Brewing seemed to have done on Tuesday night as legendary grindcore band... Continue Reading →

Well It Might Just Be What Saves Our Lives

I worked in a couple of record shops in Des Moines, Iowa as I was growing up. It was how I found most of the music I listened to and I honestly think that being my first job really set... Continue Reading →

She’s Too Stubborn To Quit

Yesterday was my first day being self-employed. It was a wild ride what with Facebook and Instagram going down and some of my work is based on those platforms but I survived and, if I can survive that kind of... Continue Reading →

Everything Will Work Out

There are some bands that you could see a million times and still want more from. The Get Up Kids is one of those bands for me. I think I could honestly watch The Get Up Kids every night of... Continue Reading →

Circles of Joy

I almost didn't make it to the show Friday night. A mix of exhaustion from my first week doing shows every night to the discouragement I was feeling with seeing news of new mandates and my mind taking that and... Continue Reading →

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