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I’d Rather Be 75 and Sunny

I don't know the last time my apartment was this clean and my cats were so happy. With only one show this week, I quickly came to terms with the fact that my only social life is that at shows... Continue Reading →


Let Loose Like Your Life Depends On It

What's in a name? Well let me tell you-- absolutely everything. I could have spent last night at home catching up on work and sleep like the adult I should be trying to be but, instead, I found myself at... Continue Reading →

Metal On Metal Is The Only Way

Billy Bragg wasn't the one legend I was able to cross off my bucketlist this week. I spent my Saturday night with the one and only Anvil. Yes, that Anvil. The one that the 2008 critically acclaimed documentary "Anvil! The... Continue Reading →

I’m Lost But That’s Alright

I can usually roll with the punches. I'm not one of those people who is afraid of change in fact, I typically embrace it. That being said, I was a bit shocked when I walked into The Turf Club to... Continue Reading →

Let Your Light Shine

There's no such thing as "a case of the Monday's" when you have a show as brilliant as the one I had last night. To say it spruced up my Monday would be an understatement and to say that it... Continue Reading →

And Make Every Word A Confession

Well, we made it through the week. Not going to lie, it was a tough one and I felt such a sense of relief as I walked into The Turf Club knowing I was not only going to get an... Continue Reading →

And What Doesn’t Kill You…

Much like Tuesday night, I felt like I was a bit in over my head when I walked into The Turf Club on Wednesday night for my show of choice. It's not that I felt uncomfortable because I feel more... Continue Reading →

These Are Just The Words To Somebody Else’s Song

There are a million ways a show can stun you. I was stunned by the pure beauty of Jacob Banks' voice on Wednesday night. Last night I was stunned by the artistry, chaos and pure energy of the Daughters show.... Continue Reading →

I’m Strong Enough

I almost took last night off from shows. There wasn't anything on the local venue calendars that I┬áhad to go see and with a couple impending snow storms that are sure to make life up here a living hell, I... Continue Reading →

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