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I’m Strong Enough

I almost took last night off from shows. There wasn't anything on the local venue calendars that I┬áhad to go see and with a couple impending snow storms that are sure to make life up here a living hell, I... Continue Reading →

Rollin’ Stoned And Livin’ Free

Not going to lie, leaving my apartment was less than easy last night but I knew there was a hell of a show waiting for me. The streets were quiet as I zipped from Minneapolis to Saint Paul. It was... Continue Reading →

Punk Rock Love!

Everything about last night was weird. The line-up was weird, the choice of venue was weird... it was just weird. I didn't care. Weird is good and I was about to cross off one of the remaining bands on my... Continue Reading →

We Can’t Be The Adults We Want To Be

This week has been one of the best weeks of shows I've had in awhile and Saturday night's show was just the icing on the cake. After spending my day running errands, chopping all of my hair off (again), and... Continue Reading →

Can You Sleep As The Sound Hits Your Ears?

Every show I've been to in the past week has either been sold out or just a hair away from selling out. What this tells me is that I live the best city in the country where people actually care... Continue Reading →

They Move On Tracks Of Never-Ending Light

It definitely felt more like midnight than 7:30PM when I arrived at The Turf Club for Sunday night's show. This whole daylight savings thing had my day all turned around. Having been up since 5 AM and spent my day... Continue Reading →

You’re On The Wrong Side

My brother enjoys to concert. He may not go to as many shows as I do but he definitely goes to more than most and tends to have great taste when it comes to the vibe of a live show.... Continue Reading →

I Can Only Fix So Much In My Sleep

The show I wanted to go to on Tuesday night was cancelled. That means I hadn't been at a show in two nights. I could feel the anxiety and anger building up inside of me. The amount of idiots I... Continue Reading →

They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore

I spent the past week in Colorado for my birthday (hence the lack of posts lately) Getting to see Lucero (my all time favorite band) at Red Rocks on my birthday day (which happened to be their record release day)... Continue Reading →

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