Jack FoolerY is a band based out of Portland, Oregon. On their Facebook page under the “About” section, all it says is “Jack FoolerY is bringing a freshness back to rock. Riffy, Story-tellin’ rock that cries to be turned up to 11. ” If you ask me, that’s a bold statement and I was excited to see if they can make me want to turn it up to 11 or not.

The name of the band alone was enough to intrigue me. After asking drummer Rich Morris how the name is stylized, he explained to me that it’s supposed to be Jack FoolerY. He went on to explain that they like to see the name as the name of a person who happens to be Tom Foolery’s brother– Jack- who has clearly been up to no good. That alone had me in love with this group and album. I think it was a very cute and playful name that matched the very vibrant album cover perfectly. Although bright and eye-catching, there’s a sense of power and command behind the sinister looking face on the cover. I was excited to see how this imagery and the name would fit into the album.

The intro to “When Monkeys Fly”, the opening track, instantly catapults you back into a days of hairspray, glitter, and huge hair. With a very classic 80’s glam-rock vibe, the vocals come in and play a trick on you. Instead of the high pitched over-the-top frontman vocals you may be expected, you are served a more radio-rock type of vocal that someone goes perfectly with the chugging power chords and cymbal hits beneath it. When you hit the chorus of this song, you are left with an almost 90’s grunge sound to it. Although there are still hints of that 80’s glam rock in there, it’s no longer a flashback and it seems as if Jack FoolerY is giving you a little bit of everything with this opening track.

Track two, “Golden Gods” has a completely different sound than “When Monkeys Fly”. With a slower tempo, the only thing that seems to stay the same is the precision with which this band plays with. Sure, the music isn’t warped speed fast and there aren’t mind blowing guitar solos with a million notes fit into one beat but there are perfectly planned out and executed small guitar riffs along with drums that are hit with a sense of precision. Slowing down the tempo for this song give the listener a true insight into the talent of this band and quickly proves that they are so much more than a classic rock revivalist group.

I love the way that “Accountable” kicks in with just the bass. It’s one of those sounds that instantly grabs your attention whether you had been paying attention before that or not. “The winter is over.” I couldn’t help but laugh as those lyrics rang through my apartment while I watched the blizzard continue outside of my apartment with the already ten plus inches of snow. There’s a true radio quality to this song. It’s catchy and bouncy but there’s still a sense of uniqueness about it. It’s something I could see playing at a pool party in the summer in the background but, even though it’s in the background, people could be bobbing along to the music as they get their tan on.

As the album moves forward, you are shown many more sides of this four piece group. “Power” had a much more commanding sound about it. With chugging guitars and driving drums, it has a bit of a darker feel to it than the rest of the album while still feeling as if it fits in perfectly. “Spy vs Spy” has a very classic rock feel to the chorus while keeping with the uniqueness when it comes to the other parts of the song. There’s a driving force behind “Hearts in Charge” when it comes to the nearly constant ride cymbal that creates a very infectious beat that it’s impossible to not bob your head to.

‘Come One Come All’ closes wth “Smoke and Mirrors”. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better song to close this ten song album with. Much like the rest of the album, it’s upbeat and infectious but there’s a new sense of catchiness to it. I found myself humming the chorus even after silence flooded into my apartment and couldn’t help myself but to start the journey all over again by replaying the album.

All in all, this is definitely an album worth your time. Even if you can’t devote 100% of your attention to it while playing, there are moments throughout the album that will demand your attention. It’s easy to listen to and has a very unique sound throughout that will have you humming along to the choruses even after the album has been played through. There aren’t many bands out there putting music out like this which truly makes Jack FoolerY a one of a kind band.

My Favorite Track(s): “Spy vs Spy”

Chances Of Getting A Noise Complaint While Listening To In An Apartment: 5 out of 10

At Home Moshability: 3 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It- Artemis laid on the couch and groomed himself; Autumn stayed on my bed in the other room

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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