Girl at the Rock Shows



I love music. Everything music. A concert is an experience that is hard to put into words, but I'm sure as hell going to try!

Angel Of Death

I had come to terms with the idea of not being at last night's show. Although it hurt that I wouldn't be able to see Slayer one last time (this is their farewell tour), my bank account was extremely happy... Continue Reading →


Are You Caught Up In The Storm?

This past week has been full of amazing shows. I've seen a bit of everything from The Struts and their 80's revivalist vibe to Sum 41's nostalgic hits. It's truly been an exciting week and Sunday night was no different.... Continue Reading →

The Doctor Said My Mom Should Have Had An Abortion

Some shows can't be put into words. Sometimes the band and the album they are celebrating an anniversary of just means too much to you to put into words. That's when a concert turns into more than a show-- it... Continue Reading →

Love Is The Law

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Twin Cities has one of the best music scenes in the country. Not only are the rap/ hip-hop and metal scenes stellar, there's also the old school punk and rock... Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave Me Along With My Thoughts

Last night was my third sold out show in a row. It makes me so happy to see that so many people are getting out and enjoying live music but it can lead to some obnoxious nights. It's not that... Continue Reading →

Kiss This

I'm still recovering from Northern Invasion this past weekend. My legs aren't quite back to normal yet and I'm still coughing up dust but we are in the thick of concert season and there are very few things that will... Continue Reading →

Northern Invasion 2018

How do you even put a weekend like this weekend into words. The first outdoor festival of the year is always my favorite weekend. It's a sign of summer and the fun times to come. Walking into the festival before... Continue Reading →

The Boys Get Lonely After You Leave

A couple of months ago I heard a song on the radio that instantly caught me. It was dancey, catchy, poppy and new. Okay, that last word isn't quite true. I thought this was a hot new single from a... Continue Reading →

Everything, Everything Will Be All Right

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I'm still living in the early 2000's music scene. Although I love watching and listening to new bands, there's an indescribable sense of comfort that comes from listening to... Continue Reading →

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