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I love music. Everything music. A concert is an experience that is hard to put into words, but I'm sure as hell going to try!

Warped Tour 2017

The day ended with me puking out the door of my friend's car and falling asleep by 7:30PM on the floor of my living room right under the air conditioner. How did I get to that point? Two words-- Warped... Continue Reading →


I’d Put My Eyes Out To Erase This

I've had a show every night since Tuesday. Even with all of those shows, last night was the first time when I truly felt at home and felt I was surrounded by my family. I say this every time I... Continue Reading →

Like Slow Spinning Redemption

It's hard for me to understand how I'm turning 28 years old in two weeks but still know every single word to the songs I would scream along to when I was in my early teens. Last night was definitely... Continue Reading →

Would I Love You?

Nobody likes Thursday's. Don't try and lie and say you do, you don't. Thursday's are nothing but a tease for Friday. It's like you are so close to the weekend, but wait, let's throw one more day in there that's... Continue Reading →

Love Is What I Got

I'm notorious for saying that I have no bands left on my "need to see" bucket list. I'm always wrong. Some bands aren't even on my bucket list. They are just bands that I figured I would never get to... Continue Reading →

You’re On Your Own But You’re Not Alone

After having a couple of days off, I was ready for a show-- any show. Thankfully, The Life and Times were in town and, having never seen them before, I was ready to add yet another band to the endless... Continue Reading →

I’m Buck Wild, I Never Have It Together

There were two huge shows going on last night. Behemoth was playing at The Cabooze and I knew my metalhead family would be out in full force to enjoy such a legendary band and see some of the greatest local... Continue Reading →

Eatin’ Tacos And Watching UHF On DVD

I have yet to unpack from my trip to Des Moines over the weekend for 80/35. There are dirty clothes all over the floor of my room and I'm pretty sure my cats have decided that that's their new litter... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter To Des Moines– 80/35

I am notorious for throwing shade at my home town. Des Moines is a nice enough place but during my teenage years, I quickly realized that it was a bit too sleepy for my liking. It's clearly a great place... Continue Reading →

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