Girl at the Rock Shows



I love music. Everything music. A concert is an experience that is hard to put into words, but I'm sure as hell going to try!

Together We Can Burn This Place Down

This past weekend was a blur. I was in Chicago for Riot Fest and to say I was exhausted and sore would be an understatement. My friends I went with had all gotten home and were surely sleeping off the... Continue Reading →


She Had To Get Out

I left for Chicago bright and early this morning. I'm exhausted and left my apartment in shambles. I probably should have spent last night getting ready. You know, packing, doing the dishes that are piling up in my sink, putting... Continue Reading →

Sure I Could Stay But There’s A Place I’d Rather Be

With my annual trip to Riot Fest in Chicago just a couple of days away, my life has gotten pretty insane. I've been busy making sure I have everything I need, packing, trying to spend as much time with my... Continue Reading →

There’s A Chill In My Bones When The Moon Don’t Shine

My best friend from high school made the four hour trek from Iowa up to Minnesota just to see Royal Canoe (and me of course) last year. I had never heard of them before stepping foot into their show last... Continue Reading →

Rejoice Because You’re Trying Your Best

Saturday night was one of those perfect shows that I always hope for. It was a perfect storm-- I had never seen the headliner and was excited to cross them off of my bucket list. I was alone and could... Continue Reading →

There Are Still A Few Holes That Let In A Little Rain

Let me tell you about all of the emotions that were running through my mind as I stood by myself watching Conor Oberst sing through every break-up I've ever been through. Just kidding, you really don't need to hear about... Continue Reading →

Live Like You’re Alive

I was going to take last night off. I had some work to do at home, a deep cleanse of my apartment is necessary at this point and, let's be honest, I just didn't want to go to the show.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Them Slow You Down

"Minneapolis has got it going on. There's a lot of talent in this town!" - James Dent May Jr. (of Dent May) Is there really much more that needs to be said? I stress all the time that the local... Continue Reading →

The Freedom Of Falling Down

My photographer friend was the one who told me I had to go to last night's show. I obliged thinking it would be a good girls night and we could turn the concert into a couple of drinks, some dinner... Continue Reading →

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