Girl at the Rock Shows



The Power Of Metal Compels You

With seven bands on the bill for Sunday night's show, I found myself instantly going to the bar for a Red Bull as I walked into The Cabooze. I knew that, although it was going to be an amazing night,... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing But I Know What I’ve Done

I was a little bummed on Friday when I got the e-mail saying I would be covering last night's show. It's not that I didn't want to go to a show or anything because, let's be honest, show are my... Continue Reading →

The Pit’s Our Church

With a 9 o'clock start time, I was kind of dreading the show last night. Sure, I can be a night owl when I want to be but, on a Monday after working my day job with the inevitable 5:30AM... Continue Reading →

Take Pride In All The Marks Upon Your Soul

I had signed up to work the show last night because I saw that Sylar would be on the tour. I fell in love with Sylar a couple months ago and was willing to miss all of the other amazing... Continue Reading →

If You Want To See A Party, That Is Not A Problem

"Prince is God in Minnesota but hip-hop is a very close second!" - Metasota I couldn't agree more. The local hip-hop community came out by the masses last night in order to support resident partyboy Prof's homecoming. It was a... Continue Reading →

I’m Only Here To Tell You, You Better Save Yourself

**Disclaimer: I thoroughly enjoyed every single band that performed last night and, on any other night, I would write about each of them and talk about how amazing the atmosphere was. So before you get the end of this article... Continue Reading →

Separation Of Body and Mind

Being the queen of strep throat, I try not to let it get me down. I seriously get strep every couple of months and, although I know how to treat it and know I'll be better in just a day... Continue Reading →

Nobody’s Got A Plan For You

I had to make a choice between my adoptive metal family and my real family last night. It was the hardest choice I've had to make regarding shows in a while. Some friends of mine were opening up for Dead... Continue Reading →

This Train Is A Hell Bound Ride So Hold Your Pillow Tight

The psychobilly scene is a scene that I've always wanted to get into. What is psychobilly you might ask? Well, it's a mix of a little bit of everything. It's elements of country, folk, Americana wrapped up and sealed with... Continue Reading →

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